Friday, December 16, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #9

Happy Friday everyone! 

Are you ready for the flashing to begin????

So this Friday Flash Fiction is a number of talented authors getting together to describe a picture with just 100 words, not 101...not 99 - 100 hits the mark.

Enough idle chatter? Well if you say so...but I personally say I never can get enough...*smirks*

Okay *takes your hand and tip toes down a dorm hall…stops short of these two morose cuties* today you will be flashed by Derek and Chris…seeing inside peoples souls isn't always easy…

"So, he did it to you again?" Chris leaned against the wall and looked down the hall at his roommate. He wondered how many more times Derek was going to let this happen?

Derek never took his eyes off of the couple through the window. "He just doesn't want it known, he has his football scholarship to think about."

"If he didn't want it to be known but faithfully loved you, that would be one thing. For him to prance around the campus with that bimbo while not wanting it to be known is a completely different thing."

"Yeah, but…"


*shakes head sadly* Yeah…but...

*claps hands together and smiles* for the fun part - let us blog hop to the next yummy!


  1. Oh the poor Derek! Being in love with someone "in the closet"...Or is it with someone who'll take advantage of him for his selfish pleasure???
    Boo Derek should look Chris mere closely, I'm sure he would find hapiness with him!
    Great post my yang!

  2. Great post Havan. I'm feeling quite bad for Derek

  3. That sucks! It’s all about appearance and keeping a facade for the masses. Nice read!

  4. Poor Derek. Life isn't easy for him. Great post!

  5. Come on out of the closet already. Great post.

  6. Ah, collegiate angst and the way we hurt those we love--well done, I enjoyed this. Lovely site, as well. ;-)

  7. Awww, poor guy. I hope things work out for him. Great FFF!

  8. Why's he stay? *sigh* Maybe he'll realize there's more important things than appearances - like Derek who loves him. *grr*

  9. Fantastic, Havan. I felt every last feeling that Derek was feeling, including how stupid he felt to be tricked once again.

  10. Awe, poor guy. He needs to move on. Loved it.

  11. Nicely done Havan

    SLira aka MichaelM/Rawiya/BL

  12. Now if Derek will just forget the football star, he'd realize that the real deal is standing right next to him. I think Chris should have walked over and started sucking on that nipple Derek was tweaking. Havan, you do have a way with words.

  13. Awe, poor guys. Sounds like his guy doesn't know what he wants. Great job!!