Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Come into my parlor...

*peeks in the room and sees it's empty* Okay you guys…the coast is clear! Remember—get in and cop a squat…stay off of the throne this time…Em always knows when I mess with that bad boy…this is big…HUGE…and I wanna share it with you guys. Lee thought he was keeping an eye on me, he tends to think I can't keep a secret *eye roll*…but when I set that new book in front of him…oh yeah I just snuck out under his radar! *giggles and shuffles the last of my friends into the Story Orgy room*

Okay…you guys need anything to drink? Let's see what we got here, Jade and Hank just did the shopping—they always make sure we have goodies to snack on and ingredients for Lee to make us his yummies with. Let's see, coffee is brewing *nods in agreement* yes we really do own stock in the coffee bean industry…*opens fridge* We also got soda, tea, milk, prune juice…*stops and looks at the laughers*…hey—my tummy hurt, and it tastes good mixed with the apple juice, don't judge me…or else I won't tell you what's on the top shelf…hehe

Oh wowza we are in luck! Lee just baked some cookies and JR made some of that bacon fudge…talk about hog heaven…I swear I was 5'10" and 125lbs when I started with the SO…now I'm 5'4" and…um…well not 125lbs *blushes and takes a bite out of the cookie*

What? Oh my announcement…yeah, I got a little sidetracked…did you see the dark chocolate and caramel goodness in my hand? hehe

Soooooooo…and this is between us, of course…um…right? *waits for everyone to agree* You in the back—you gonna rat me out again? I know you're the one that told JR I snagged his froggy shaped glass…and that so wasn't my fault—it was pretty and I had tequila and no place to put it, what's a girl to do? Okay I'm trusting you…*points at Benedict Arnold* but I'm watching you.

Well here we go…this month is the Story Orgy's 1 year anniversary! Can you believe it? *bounces up and down squeeeee'g just a bit* A whole year of looking forward to Mondays…Monday prompts being posted at 6a…2 contests that turned out 10 (oh yeah count that 10) terrific winners and 2 terrific anthologies, And The Prompt Is Vol 1 & And The Prompt Is Holiday Edition…, with their first 90 days of sales going to excellent charities…a great anthology, Word Play, published from Breathless Press…and 6 people; some strangers, some friends—who after this year I can honestly say are all family! *sighs and smiles dreamily*

So here we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary and this is the Story Orgy—we can't just say happy A-day and be done with it now can we?

So we put our heads together, because in an orgy 6 heads are soooooo better than 1 *giggles*…and we realized it is time to up the ante a bit and start our own blog! That's freaking right! We will be unveiling our Story Orgy blog on January 30th! *bouncing again and smiling loopily* And it is sooooooo purdy! OMG…we each have our own page to let you know what is going on and we have our main page where we plan to post interesting tidbits when we get them!

Then we stopped and realized that we can't just unveil our blog without some sort of hoopla—because who doesn't love hoopla—we do! So we got another brilliant idea! This day is seriously special to us, we became a group…so we decided to use that thought and do something special for all of you!

So this Monday…we will NOT be posting any Monday prompts on our blogs…

*dodges the fudge and cookies being thrown at me* Hey!!! Wait a second!!! *fudge nails me in my right eye* I know who threw that one! *peels fudge off of my eye and takes a bite* hmmmmm bacon…hehe

This Monday, instead of posting our individual prompts on our blogs…we have written a full story for you all, and it will be posted throughout the day on our Story Orgy blog.


So here is the schedule on Monday, January 30th…

6a – JR Boyd – prompts:  sea mammal trainer, Chicago, bottle of wine
9a – Em Woods – prompts:  troubadour, graveyard, slot car
12p – Hank Edwards – prompts:  best friend, mosh pit, oil rig
3p – Havan Fellows *waves and giggles* - prompts:  art curator, airplane bathroom, silk stockings
6p – Lee Brazil – prompts:  Diogenes, Sea World, wetsuit

Each of us will post a chapter in a single story based on our prompt words…and let me tell you—it gets a tad crazy like! *giggles and takes another bite of fudge*

And of course...our beautiful Jade Baiser has scoured the World Wide Web in search of the perfect pictures to accompany our amazing feat...*smirks*

JR did a terrific job starting us off…Em brought her own personal experiences into it…Hank hit us with some hot and steamy yummies…and Lee rounds it all up and gives us a happy ending worthy of the Story Orgy!

So set the alarms on your watch…cell phone…iPad…whatever you have and meet with us 6 times this Monday for the beginning, middle and ending of a great dream of ours come true!

*hears noise from the front room door and Lee's voice shouting my name* Oh Shite!!! What time is it? Everyone out…through the back door and windows…go go go go go *shoos everyone out and jumps out the window following them…lands smack dab on my keister giggling*

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  1. i so am goiing to get in trouble with my coach monday*rolls eys*not reeally new lol!!wrot down the times and looking forward to it!