Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Like a Virgin with Davee Jones...

When Davee Jones was like a virgin…

So…in honor of my first solo release coming out soon…I've decided to celebrate by talking to some very talented authors about their first solo release! *giggles* You see…it isn't all about me all the time…but I do love weaseling my way into the mix most of the time…heehee

Another Wednesday and another virgin story to deflower…*waggles eyebrows and giggles* I have a beautiful woman with me today that writes as hot as she is…I'm telling you—summer heat ain't got nothing on Davee Jones …and she's agreed to take us for a stroll On Ellicott Street while discussing her virgin days…*fans face* we need some external a/c happening here!

*grabs my basket of fresh baked goodies, fruits and wine* No…no I won't discuss where I got the yummies…I could have baked them myself…maybe…perhaps… *grabs Davee's hand and swings it between us as we walk down to the lake*…I thought the outdoors would be the perfect backdrop to discuss your debauched moments…heehee

*spreads the blanket…sits criss-crossed applesauced…pats seat extra close to me and smiles innocently* sooooo…want a cherry? What? I brought cherries *holds up the bag*

Let's start this off with the basics…tell us about your first ever release…and after that we can talk about On Ellicott Street…*blushes* just kidding…

Why did you decide to publish with Secret Cravings Publishing…was there something special there or just fate?
Fate, Havan, true divine intervention.
I became friends with Kellie Kamryn on Facebook. Kellie writes for Secret Cravings and I became interested in them after I read more about Kellie’s release, (Monkeys, Sex, and Other Birthday Surprises-gratuitous plug for Kellie) Anyway, I had been trying to find a home for my first novel, Finless. I had rejection letters from two dozen or more publishing houses. I decided to take my chances with SCP, and actually forgot about the submission. Out of the blue, I received a letter from Beth Walker, SCP, offering a contract for Finless! Ecstatic is an understatement for the gamut of emotions I felt at that moment. Ahh, but, you asked about On Ellicott Street…just keep asking your questions, Havan, we are getting there. *wink*

Now this question I've been hitting and missing with. I assume others are like me and have more than one WIP at a time…did you?
I only had one WIP when I submitted Finless.  Now, just a few short months later, I have about seven. My brain is on overload in a good way.
Sit back and let the sparks baby…lol

So how did it come about that On Ellicott Street would be your first book published?
While Finless went through the process of editing, I wrote On Ellicott Street, mostly out of nervous energy for the World Series and the upcoming release of Finless. Beth liked it, and actually chose to release it first, with Finless to follow. So, here we are. J
Now I'm understanding…I thought I was way off base for a second there…*giggles*

Okay…let me steal the sunlight here for just a teensy moment…I'm personally going through some withdrawal anxieties with my boys… did you have any withdrawal pains when you sent Cassie and Eli out there in the big bad world?
Heck, yes! I hoped upon hope the world would enjoy their story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Rejection is a nasty feeling, you know, and it scared my pants off, (not in a good way).
There's a bad way? Oh…I mean…yes I getcha…

Looking back—now that you have more experience under your belt—would you change anything about On Ellicott Street or your way of handling its release?
Yes, I’ve decided not to rush my WIPs just to get them out there. I’m so anxious and A.D.D. that it is difficult not to want to just get it over with and submit. I believe readers need a good fleshing out of the characters, the scenes, the situations, etc. I hope to become better at developing that in my written content.
Fleshing out is always appreciated by readers *shoulder bumps Davee and winks*

If you had to turn the experience of writing/publishing your first book into an erotic novel…what would you title it?
‘Extreme Revelations of an Unassuming Mind’

I'm big on colors—in my personal opinion they mean different things at different times and situations can easily be labeled with colors. What color would you label your first foray in publishing your book and why?
Orange for fresh vibrancy!

On Ellicott Street is an amazing cougar love story with a teenage son involved… how did you juggle all those aspects in your first book?
I thought about my friends, as well as myself, raising kiddos, and how their needs and feelings sometimes become pushed aside during the adult’s euphoria of new love. It is not intentional, but we do not always understand why they are not just as happy as we are when we enter into new relationships.  In addition, as middle age approaches, we almost revert to a panic stricken state of growing older and losing the vitality of life, our vanishing beauty, and our ability to feel joy in our fading youth. We must continue to consider everyone in our lives and understand the importance of each nuance.

Now…just because I like to toss rules to the wind and hope for a ruler paddling… *winks*…here are a few quickies for us about your couple…answer with Cassie or Eli…(Havan, I can wield a mean ruler, just a subtle warning.)

Most likely to get down and dirty in public…Cassie-she became a tart!
Most likely to wear a fedora and rock it…Eli-he could wear anything and still be dreamy
Most likely to not listen to the principal and get punished—oh you know what I mean…Cassie-finally an awakening of her sass!
Most likely to eat food in bed *winks*…Eli-typical guy thing.
Most likely to bring a stray kitten home…Eli-he loves and cares deeply
Most likely to be found barefoot…Cassie-toes in the grass
Most likely to do a private lap dance…Cassie-she looks exquisite in black lace
Most likely to have a sweet tooth…Eli-he sometimes eats cookies in bed
In a silly battle of wills…most likely to refrain from…um…pleasuring themselves the longest…Eli-he can turn on his intellect to get a point across, even sacrificing release, LOL

It's time *bounces and giggles* It's time It's time It's time…Davee…will you tell us a story…and can it be sexy and hot and loving and romantic? I hear you've written just the thing…*winks*

As Cassie approaches fifty; she believes she missed her opportunity for love.  Raising her youngest son, Joshua, alone, she faces challenges that overshadow her personal needs.  Over the years, she lost touch with her essence, vibrancy, and femininity.  Long ago, she accepted monotony and loneliness as her destiny.  Fate intervenes in the form of a program to help Joshua adjust to his own young adulthood, where she meets Ellicott, or Eli.  However, Eli, an intellectual old soul disguised as a beautiful younger man also realizes Cassie’s needs as they discuss some of the most personal details of her life.   Cassie fascinates Eli and she arouses him mentally and physically. For them, age makes no difference; it makes her more beautiful to him, as Eli renews Cassie’s faith in romance.  As their connection deepens, they stimulate each other’s minds, as well as their physical desires, to a smoldering level of passion. 

Find On Ellicott Street at Secret Cravings Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble  
And find Davee Jones at finless-Davee Jones' Locker

Smokin Hot Excerpt:
Eli’s rock-hard manhood throbbed. The self-release he had indulged in the night before was long forgotten under the spell of Cassie’s frenzied womanhood. He had enough control that she would be fully satisfied, he guaranteed himself that. Years of self-discipline taught him to hold onto his release, but, Cassie tested every technique he previously mastered. Eli finally slid his hand toward her pulsing mound underneath her panties. It pleased him to find her fully saturated, waiting for him to fill her. She moaned, urging him to continue his hands’ course toward her heated center.
Eli stopped and slowly slid her panties down her thighs, kissing along each leg. He moved so slowly, he finally touched her, “right there, right there.” Eli pulled the panties from her feet and threw them across the room. When he stood up, Cassie gasped in wonder at his physical form. “Eli, you are exquisite!” He loved how Cassie marveled at his chiseled beauty.
Eli’s rock hard cock stood unmoving at perfect attention, each of his muscles flexed throughout his body, and he stared down intensely at Cassie. Cassie spread her legs, clearly expecting him to thrust inside her, but he stopped and shook his head no. He bent down and kissed her saturated pussy instead. He expertly guided his tongue along her velvety feminine skin until he found her clit. He explored a few maneuvers until he found the one that made her squirm away from his mouth. He knew he found it.
He slightly tugged on her delicate skin, sucking it into his mouth. Gently using his lips to bring in air to blow discreetly across her clit, he stopped to lick lightly at the same spot. Eli brought her down and re-aroused Cassie several times before he allowed her release. Cassie came with the force of hurricane winds. She arched her back off the bed and screamed a primal groan of delight. Eli held her ass tightly and kept his face firmly planted against her pulsing pussy. He kept rolling his tongue around the soft, yet swelling labia. At the peak of Cassie’s orgasm, Eli slid his middle finger deep inside her and she moaned even louder.


  1. Hi Haven, the post is beautiful! Thank you so much again for guesting me. Big hugs and thanks for the cherries. *Wink ;)

  2. Hi Haven! Thank you again for sharing your world with me, I appreciate serving as a guest on your blog. and, thank you for the cherries, *wink* hugs!

  3. *plops on blanket with Davee and Havan* Can I have a glass of wine? I brought chocolates! Delicious interview, ladies. 'smoldering level of passion' on Ellicott Street? Love that in a book!

  4. Thanks for sharing your first release with us Davee! *hugs* So much fun with you!