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Like a Virgin with T.A. Chase...

When T.A. Chase was like a virgin…

So…in honor of my first solo release coming out soon…I've decided to celebrate by talking to some very talented authors about their first solo release! *giggles* You see…it isn't all about me all the time…but I do love weaseling my way into the mix most of the time…hehe

Today I'm gonna make a fool of myself…well more than the norm that is. *blushes* I've got one of my all time faves with me!!!! *flails arms in air and screams like a fangirl*…today my blog is drenched in the awesomeness that is none other than *drum roll on corner of keyboard* T.A. Chase…and OMG she's agreed to let me question her about her No Going Home virgin days…*drops in dead faint*
I want to thank you for having me here. I always love to talk about my older books. They still hold a special place in my heart since they were my first.

*jumps up and shows T.A. to the bench seat in front of the bay windows* Okay…a part of me wants to sit as close to you as possible and rub elbows…but the sane side wants to sit opposite of you and just bask in your glow…decisions decisions…*giggles and cops a squat*…no reason to share which seat I chose…*winks*

*clears throat and composes myself…using my grown-up voice* Let us begin…

So, let's start this off with the basics…tell us about your first ever release…*stops and eyes go wide*…um…I mean your first book release ever, No Going Home
My first ever release is for another time and far more alcohol.
I got tequila…and limes...can I pencil you in for that other time? *silly loopy grin* Okay, I'll get back to you about that one…

Why did you decide to publish with Liquid Silver Books…was there something special there or just fate?
I chose Liquid Silver Books because I was friends with one of the ladies who works there. (Still and she let me know they were looking for m/m books to start a new line with. So I happened to have No Going Home sitting on my computer waiting for me to finish it. I decided to hurry up and get it done, so I could submit to them and see what they had to say. They loved it and suddenly I was going to be a published author.

Now this question I've been hitting and missing with. I assume others are like me and have more than one WIP at a time…did you? If so what made you decide that No Going Home would be your first book published?
Yes, I had No Going Home and Here Be Dragons going at the same time. To be totally honest, I didn’t make the decision. It was the luck of the draw that No Going Home came out first instead of Here Be Dragons.

Another awesome book on my kindle…Okay…about me for a second *straightens back and strikes a pose*…I'm personally going through some withdrawal anxieties with my boys… did you have any withdrawal pains when you sent Les and Randy out there in the big bad world?
Sure I did. Every author has pains about letting their guys go out in the world, hoping no one hurts them too much. That never changes, no matter how many books you have out. There’s always a little bit of doubt about letting the story go, and trusting them to survive on their own.

Book 2 in Home series
Looking back—now that you have more experience under your belt—would you change anything about No Going Home or your way of handling its release?
Not really. Oh, I’m sure if I were to write No Going Home now, it would be better in some ways because I’ve grown as a writer. Yet for the most part, I’m happy with what I did back then to promote it. Of course, I’ll be getting another chance since I’ve taken the rights back to Les and Randy’s story. It’ll be re-released in October by Total e-Bound.
That's exciting news! *circles the month of October on my calendar* Can't wait!

Soooo…If you had to turn the experience of writing/publishing your first book into an erotic novel *waggles eyebrows*…what would you title it?
A Chaotic and Nerve-wracking Journey. Not a very erotic title, but that’s what it was like. Learning how to write gay sex scenes and hoping I get them right in a way that brings pleasure to the reader.

I'm big on colors—in my personal opinion they mean different things at different times and situations can easily be labeled with colors. What color would you label your first foray in publishing your book and why?
Oh, I think I’d make it a bright sunny yellow. It was the greatest experience I could have. If Liquid Silver hadn’t been such a great publisher to work with, I probably wouldn’t have done as well as I have.

No Going Home is the first in your Home Series that has a total of three heat inducing and tear duct working books…when you started your road to publishing it—did you already have the other two books worked out in your head or even on paper…or did they appear later down the line?
No, Going Home was going to be a stand-alone book, but then Tony introduced himself. The moment I met him, I knew he had a story to tell. Also, he deserved his own guy. Then in Tony’s story, when he met Derek on the plane, I had a feeling Derek had more to say as well. When Peter appeared in No Going Home, I always had an idea for him in the back of my mind, as well as for Yancey and Juan. Peter’s story, Leaving Home, and Yancey/Juan’s book, Home Sweet Home, will both be out next year.
*bounces a bit* You don't know how excited I am to hear that! *big smiles*

Now…just because I like to try to buck you off your bronco baby…*winks*…here are a few quickies for us about your boys…answer with Les or Randy…

Most likely to get down and dirty in public…I would have to say Randy. Les is a little more private.
Most likely to wear a fedora and rock it…definitely Les. He has this old world charm about him, and he’d be able to rock a fedora.
Most likely to eat food *coughs* strawberry short *coughs again* in bed *winks*…Ah, well...I’d have to say both of them. They enjoy dessert in bed a
Most likely to be found barefoot…Les. He isn’t as tight laced as he seems at times.
Most likely to turn the laundry pink (darn those red cowboy shirts hehe)…Les because he’s always had a housekeeper to do his laundry for him.
Most likely to do a private lap dance…Randy. He likes showing off for Les, and that’s just one more way he can get Les’s motor going.
Most likely to have a sweet tooth…Les. He has a thing for strawberry shortcake and lots of whipped cream.
In a silly battle of wills…most likely to refrain from…um…pleasuring themselves the longest…Les. He’s learned that pleasure denied is pleasure doubled.
In a sillier battle of wills…most likely to buck one out first in a race to completion…Randy. He’s still young and doesn’t have as much self control as Les.

Book 3 in Home series

And now for my fave part…*grabs T.A.'s hand and holds it to my heart…batting my eyelashes furiously* will you tell us a story? Now, I'm not looking for just any story…I want one about two hard ridden cowboys who believe that their imperfections are what makes each other perfect…*sighs dreamily*…I want Les and Randy…

Six years ago, a hoof to the head ended Leslie Hardin’s show-jumping career and his relationship with the man he loved. Broken, hurt, and rejected, Les has focused his energies on rebuilding his life.

Les’s accident has shown him that the most valuable treasures are usually found under an imperfect surface, and his reputation for taking in strays starts to grow. But it’s one of these strays in particular, injured rodeo cowboy Randy Hersch, who captures more than just his compassion.

Between his disapproving father and his chosen career path, Randy has always felt the need to deny his passion. But when Les takes him under his wing, Randy begins to realize that he is truly strong enough to admit his true self—to himself and the rest of the world. But in the arms of a broken man, can he find acceptance…and love?

Content: Graphic M/M sex scenes.

Find No Going Home when it's rereleased in October…we'll keep you updated! And you can find the talented and beautiful T.A. Chase at her website No Boundaries. Make sure to drop by and read her blog stories—they freaking rock!

Les found Randy sitting in the dining room, staring at a pair of boots. It had been twenty minutes since Randy’s father left. He had managed to compose his nerves enough to come and see if Randy was up. He knelt beside the cowboy, putting a hand on the man’s knee.

“Randy,” he asked in a low voice.

Unfocused blue eyes met his gaze and blinked.

“Do you need help getting your boots on, baby?” He clamped his mouth shut. Shit. It was one thing to call him that while he was half asleep. It was another thing entirely to talk sweet to Randy while he was awake.

Another blink and a slight smile. “Yeah. I can’t bend over real well at the moment.”

Les took Randy’s foot and placed in on his thigh. Sliding on a boot, he pulled the pant leg down over it. He did the same with the other than looked up to see Randy staring down at him. Without thought, he rose up on his knees and cupped Randy’s face.

The other man tensed, but didn’t push him away. He tried not to listen to a voice saying it wasn’t a good idea. He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to those cut lips. Randy didn’t join in at first. Les swiped his tongue over the seam of Randy’s mouth. A gasp allowed him access to the inside. His tongue made a foray in the wet warmth.

Randy tasted like maple syrup and earth. His male tang caused Les’s cock to stand at attention. When his body demanded a harder and deeper kiss, he pulled back. Randy protested and the younger man’s shocked gaze met his. He could tell by the hesitant movement of the other man’s lips, Randy hadn’t been kissed often.

“Why did you stop?” Randy blushed when he realized what he asked.

Les chuckled and brushed a finger over Randy’s lips. “Your lips aren’t up for anything more.”

Randy ducked his head. “Why’d you kiss me?”

He lifted that stubborn chin up and whispered another kiss over Randy’s lips. “I kissed you because you’re the hottest man I’ve seen in a long time. Also, I wanted to kiss your bruises and make them better.”

“You’ve only kissed my lips.” A flirty gleam came and went in those stunning eyes.

“That’s true, but I don’t think you’re up to me kissing any other part of your body.” He stood and offered Randy a hand.

Pulling the cowboy off the chair, Les didn’t step back. He let Randy’s body brush against his own. His hand cupped the back of Randy’s head and his other hand landed on the small waist. He drew Randy close to him, savoring the feeling of the lean muscled warmth of the male body pressed to him.

Randy didn’t seem to know where to put his own hands. Those strong hands stroked over his shoulders, down his back and settled on his ass. Groaning, Les brought his mouth down on Randy again. This time the cowboy opened his mouth without Les asking him. Their tongues slid together with a gentle touch. Les didn’t demand or get aggressive. He wanted to learn Randy and didn’t want to scare the kid away.

Thank you for having me here today, Havan. I had fun talking about No Going Home, and my boys. I think they will always hold a very special place in my heart since they were my first and everything.

*tackles TA in a great big bear hug and squeezes* Awwwww…you're awesome! <3


  1. Wow! Great interview Havan & TA!!! Thank you for sharing with us TA, it's a great excerpt and book (I own it already)...will there be any major changes when it comes out in October?

    BTW, I love all the stories of yours I have read, and I have read MANY!

    (I hope you know I love you too Havan♥)

    Tt Miller

    1. Awwww Tt...I lovey you too! And I share your adoration for TA Chase...awesomeness I tell you! Good question too...:)

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    1. Thank you CR - I'm constantly trying to improve it *blushes*

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    BTW I love these 'first time' interviews. They are hilarious.

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  7. Great interview and love the excerpt!

    BTW I love these 'first time' interviews! They are hilarious. ;)