Friday, August 24, 2012

Breathless Press Birthday Blog Hopping...

*blows frilly paper horn and pulls string on party poppers* That's's all about the party there will be NO party poopers...*heads desk giggling* I know...corny and lame...but that works for me...*big silly grins* because we are here to have fun!!! To talk about birthdays!!! To win a freaking Breathless Press library of 50 books!!!

You guys don't care if I'm a tad bit corny do ya?? As long as your chances to win are still there right? *whispers* man I hope you don't care...cuz I ain't very good at being any other way...*giggles*

And you'll get your chance to win...I promise you that...but first—since this is a birthday party and I'm a stickler for the all have to get into your birthday suits! *waggles brows*

Hey! I was gonna say we have to sing to Breathless you don't want to hear me kicking chords are much better than my singing chords...*winks*

So I'm gonna make this nice and easy for you...for MY prize...all you have to do is leave a comment about the most interesting birthday gift you've received ~or~ given...and you'll be in the running to win any one of my books...I've got the Story Orgy anthologies that I am oh so proud of for you to look at...or my Synchronous Seductions series which is quite enjoyable...and if you need a sneak peek at my is my birthday gift free read for you Lucky Night (you should so click on over and download that bad boy for free...along with all the other freebie birthday reads too! *big smiles*)

Well that is only my prize to you—Breathless Press has wrapped a mega prize up just for the winning...*hands mic over to the announcer*

Welcome readers to the Breathless Press Birthday Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop!

We have nineteen blogs participating, and each author is giving away a prize, books, name it!

BUT...It's Breathless Press's Birthday!

And have they got a gift for one lucky reader! Visit every blog in the hop, and locate the eighteen clues- blue letters. Create a list of each author whose blog you visit (Don't forget to leave a comment so your visit can be verified!) and the blue letter you found on their post, unscramble the message, and email the whole list to

(Note: You are only eligible to win if you visit & comment on ALL blogs!)

Your email makes you eligible to win a 50 BOOK LIBRARY! Fifty books of your choice from Breathless Press! That's approximately a $150 dollar value!



  1. Im Hopping im Hopping see me hopping


  2. Really enjoyed your Synchronous Seductions series.

    Tami B. []

  3. My aunt gave me a necklace that spelled out my Egyptian hieroglyphs. It is so unique and beautiful.

    Happy Birthday Breathless Press!

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  4. Hello know I'm so hooked on the hopping, that I've still not gotten up to get my second coffee!!

    Ok, I'm not sure if this gift qualifies as unique...during my first year of college, on my birthday, a few of my classmates gave me gifts. The one that sticks out is bus tickets. A guy in my class, (who was just my friend)felt terrible for not knowing it was my birthday and pulled a couple of spare bus tickets out of his pocket and gave them to me. I thought it was really sweet that a year a little over a year and a half later...I married him!

    Happy Friday! Now I'm getting my second cup of coffee!

  5. Happy Birthday!!
    One of my most memorable and long reaching gifts, my brother gave me a Terry Pratchet book when i was about 12 or 13, i've been hooked on him ever since. even to the point of going to conventions and dressing up. ive even met him. i still adore his work and am alway re reading his books
    Jane Amanda Smith (facebook)
    janesmithy (at) btinternet (dot) com

  6. SMMMMOOOOOOOCCCCHHHH! *blinks* Wow. That was good. I'm not good in the gift department...too darn practical, but I am proud of the gift I'm giving my sister for her 40th. She ALWAYS finds the coolest things for me like chocolate covered strawberries and fresh tulips at Christmas. So, I took a photo of a beautiful water lily on calm waters and described my relationship with her to my poet friend. He wrote a wonderful taiga and I put it "on the water." I'm framing one for her and one for me for her birthday next month.

  7. Love, love Breathless Press...can't think of a really unusual gift, but I do always love Sharks hockey tickets and chocolate. I have a good friend who always sends me the most beautiful, thoughtful packages, too.


  8. Giving my daughter a kindle fire,just found out about 5 years ago she loves to read as much as I do.

  9. Happy Birthday, BP! Thanks for the giveaway. Most interesting present given: a gun for my husband...I guess!

  10. Happy Birthday BP! Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Happy Birthday BP! You have some great authors. Thanks for the blog. I'll be buying books. My most interesting birthday gift was a crystal bracelet. Each crystal to give power to an aspect of my life. The Brazen Authors pic is hot.

  12. Happy Birthday BP. Thanks for blog- all these new authors means new books, too.

  13. Happy Birthday BP from

  14. *pounces Haven* Hmmm interesting present. I get funky socks every birthday cause I love different goofy socks!

    Jenn :)

  15. Happy Birthday Breathless Press!!!
    It's been quite a while since I received this birthday present. I had lost a lot of weight. I didn't know my husband had been doing some shopping online. When I got home from work, there was a package on the bed. He told me to open it. Inside was a a black lace bra. It came from Frederick's of Hollywood. So it was a sexy bra. Just basically had underwires and open cups so all the breast was exposed. Next was a tiny lace black thong and then a black lacy garter belt. He wanted me to try it on, so I did, he picked out a dress for me to wear and we went out to dinner. He was a naughty boy in the restaurant, playing under my dress. It was great fun when we got home.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  16. Boing Hop Leap. Happy Birfday. This year for my birthday I got a load of Doris Day dvds. Im a happy bunny! What I wanted was a day off from the kids. Didn't happen :(

  17. Happy Birthday BP! Since my husband doesn't do ANY gift shopping I have to buy my own birthday presents. Of course that means I get EXACTLY what I want! LOL! The best present(s) I got was when I bought myself a Kindle Keyboard then a Kindle Fire. Love them both!


  18. Hi Haven Always read your SO posts. Once got a slow cooker from my hubby (before I married him!) - not even a box of chocs inside! That must be best part of 25 years ago and I still remind him now!

    Littlesuze at hotmail dot com

  19. Hopping through for the hunt! Having so much fun!

  20. This is such an awesome idea! Wandering through the blogs on the hunt for those blue letters! :-)

  21. I love Birthdays! My favorite birthday present tattoo of a garter with a Derringer around my leg. I love it!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  22. Tonight you're gonna party like it's ... 2012.

  23. I tend to do my own present shopping from my husband otherwise he buys things for the kitchen.UGH?

  24. I love hops that's introduce new authors to me I look forward to check out your books

    Sarah S


  25. the most interesting gift I have ever gotten...I would have to say a flying monkey that when you throw him he makes tarzan noises. The kids love it :)

  26. Well, I don't have a cool birthday kiss story, but I do have a Christmas. I was 19 and "Santa" left me a note with a key fob and I ended up getting my mom's old car cause she bought a new one when my parents were looking for one for me. So that was pretty interesting. In fact, I almost missed the note entirely, so it was pretty funny too.