Friday, August 31, 2012

It all started with...(aka Backlist Bloghop hehe)

A long long time a galaxy far far away...

click on this pic to find a slew of other yummy authors...hehe

Um...yeah—not buying that are you? *giggles* Okay, how about a long long time ago in a family room lined with wooden wall panels...I mean seriously—didn't almost all family rooms have those panels on the walls in the 70's? *heads desk laughing my assets off*

Well, back when I was a wee little girl I thought it would be cool to tell stories to my family. So what if my family thought they were tall tales to get out of the trouble they insisted I got me they were dreams come to life...intricate webs of fantasy and fact blended together get me out of the trouble I kinda always got into...hehe

But they started something in me—a desire to entertain people with words. I had to put this desire on hold awhile to take care of this pesky thing that got in the may be familiar with my roadblock—it goes by the title of life...but I'm back, weaving my imagination into yumminess that hopefully others will enjoy to read as much as I enjoy to write.

But I just skipped and hopped a bit forward take my hand and let us back these assets up just a tad.

Yes...yes I did start writing again about 4 years ago. And yes, I loved it...but (because trust me—there is always a butt when I'm I never expected anyone to read what I wrote. I never thought about publishing anything...and blogging—oh what a foreign word that was to me.

Then I met this person who happens to be a tad firm in hand...and all heart. With them standing by my side I started a blog and fell into this amazing group called The Story Orgy...and the next thing I know I'm blogging like a mad woman and these prompt blogs are turning into *gulps* stories that people are reading...and evidently enjoying!!! *bounces up and down* Oh enjoy the view honey...that's what they are there

Which brings us to this Backlist Bloghop...

The Story Orgy Presents...And The Prompt Is...(points up & to the left) is the first thing I officially published in book is a terrific anthology with me and four other authors who are ingenious in every sense of the story is a little rough around the edges (it is my first ever release lol)...but I still hold it dear to my heart and am very proud of the collaboration that we did. And in honor of this blog hop...I'm giving away a copy of any one of The Story Orgy anthologies that we've put out...

So...I'm gonna hand this giveaway over to gentle with me and it—this is my first time using it and I try to be a slow learner...hehe


  1. I wanted to be a librarian but that dream was cut off at the knees when I was told I could find a husband cheaper at home, this was in 1965. Money needed to be saved to send my brother to college. I pretty much gave up on dreaming and got married. Yep I got the cheap version of that too. Now I dream for my grandkids to have better lives.

  2. My perspective has changed so much as I have gotten older that I can not come up with one single childhood dream that I have obtained or would still want as an adult. *shrug*


  3. Really the only dream I had that I can say honestly came true was to be a good mom. Other than that, life is somewhat ashy. Lynne. rfg dot wwe at gmail dot com

  4. I'm still trying to pursue my career and traveling dreams, little by little...


  5. Still working on traveling around the world