Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hump Day Flashing #2...Lyle's Light

Well Happy Hump Day!

For your entertainment…I'm gonna go toe to toe with my wonderfully creative muse, Lee Brazil. *big smiles* Seriously though, we wanna be mavericks…which basically means that we wanna flash you on our terms…

So…this week I got to pick the picture…I was aiming for haunting like…in a beautiful way…but when I sat down to write my flash something else came out entirely…

So I hope you like…*bites nails nervously*…

Now don't forget to swing on by Lee's blog too and see his take on this wondrous picture…it's amazing how two completely different flashes can be inspired by the same image…love that!

And for your reading pleasure…

Lyle's Light
copyright © 2012 Havan Fellows

"Are you telling me you don't see that?" Lyle spread his arms out to the sky to encompass the mass of green lights and fog.
His friend, not even his best friend because he didn't have one, patted his back. "Sure Lyle, I see it. It's amazing and…" His voice was devoid of the awe that the sight should have induced in him…"Neat."
"Oh forget you." Lyke pushed his hand away and walked into the woods. A sane person would have steered clear of the weirdness, called someone. But Lyle wasn't much for sanity. No one ever cared what he had to say anyway.
He kept on his path to the green lights.
He was tired of being second best to everyone, if he even rated that high. Maybe these lights, this mist…yeah just maybe.
He just didn't want to be unwanted anymore. These lights, they offered him something.
Farther still, it felt like a never ending journey he embarked on. He felt hands on his shoulders, but a quick turn of the head told him no one touched him. He thought he heard crying…yelling…but no sound floated to his ears.
He couldn't remember when he actually stepped into the green light, but it circled him and the fog tickled his senses. He was safe here…they liked him here…
Gretchen shook her brother's shoulders. "Please, Lyle! Please wake up!" She turned the shower on high cold water.
Her boyfriend stood behind her with the pill bottle. "He swallowed them all."

And don’t forget to catch Lee's take on this here…


  1. Poor Lyle...let's hope he recovers from this and discovers that life is worth living on your own terms