Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fuzzy got smoochez!

Oh wow!

Geoff's Teddy got a great review...and FIVE smoochez!
*wiggles and giggles*

Book Whores United
(I know...I freaking love their blog name! *huge smiles*)

They read and reviewed Geoff's Teddy and loved it!
Check out their wowza review here...

And when Jenny and Missy asked me to be their first interview...asked me to pop their cherry so to speak *nods knowingly*...
Anyone who knows me knows I'm all over that proposal—with the

So if you'd like to know about lollipops and on over here and sit for a spell *winks*

Okay—I'm back to the grind at my EDJ...hope you all have a great Thursday!

And just's a little snippet from Geoff's Teddy that I've never posted before...*smiles big*...just for you :)

Geoff's Teddy

Fuzzy is an unsatisfied ladies' man. Geoff's a bear-loving man who satisfies. Problem? Convincing a straight man that satisfaction might be just around the bend.

"Who's that?" Geoff whispered to Fuzzy. His lover's pale complexion definitely didn't bode well for this situation.
"My parents."
"Your parents!" Geoff's whisper sounded more like a growl to Fuzzy, who covered his mouth and shushed him.
"Teddy, did you say something?" His mother's voice increasingly sounded closer. "Honey, don't get up. We'll be right in after we set these groceries down."
"No, Mom, don't come in here. I'll be right out!"
His dad's chuckle floated down the hall to them . "He must have one of his girls in there fixing him up."
Fuzzy looked at Geoff's panicked and annoyed face and grinned as he whispered to him, "Hey, they had a fifty/fifty shot and just played the odds." Louder, he answered his father's comment. "You do realize I can hear you? And no, not a girl."

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  1. Huge congrats on the review..That is so fantastic. You deserve it.