Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hump Day Flashing...How to Melt Butter...

Well Happy Hump Day!

And for your reading pleasure…I'm gonna go toe to toe with my wonderfully creative muse, Lee Brazil. *big smiles* Seriously though, we wanna be mavericks…which basically means that we wanna flash you on our terms…

So…this week Lee picked out a picture and posted it for me and threw down the gauntlet (which is a lot nicer than slapping me in the face with it…hehe) and I looked at that picture and thought…um…okay? *eye roll* Seriously scrolled down and peek…but don't forget to scroll back up and finish reading my intro—I work hard on these things…*giggles*

But I rose to the occasion (which is impressive since it usually isn't the woman's job, let me tell you) and unknotted my trench coat and I flashed with all my pizzazz!

Now don't forget to swing on by Lee's blog too and see his take on this interesting picture he chose for us…it's amazing how two completely different flashes can be inspired by the same image…love that!

And this is the fruit of my labor…

How to Melt Butter
copyright © 2012 Havan Fellows

Sammy looked at the plate dropped in front of him. "Honey, I thought you wanted to talk about us."
"This is about us, you comprehend better with visual aids."
He looked back down at the single piece of toast with a pat of butter, then at Bryan. "Um…I don't get it."
Bryan melodramatically threw his hands up in the air. "That's the problem. Lately I haven't been getting it."
Sammy straightened in the kitchen chair. "I beg your pardon, this morning? And twice yesterday, well okay one and a half times…but we both were tired yesterday."
Bryan pointed at the plate. "That's us, Sammy. You see how the butter isn't even melting on the toast. The toast is cold and the butter isn't heating up any." He paced around the table. "Sure we have tons of sex, but lately it's been by the numbers without any heat to it. Damn it Sammy, heat me up!"
Sammy slowly stood, staring at his lover's big blue eyes begging for something he hadn't been getting lately. Sammy didn't mean to let their lovemaking fall to the side. He tried not to bring his work issues home, but evidently failed.
          He picked up the plate, held it up at eye level toward Bryan, walked calmly to the microwave, tossed it in and jabbed the start button.
Stalking over to Bryan he smirked. In one quick movement he bent his knees, picked Bryan up over his shoulder and marched toward the bedroom.
"Prepare to melt."

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And don’t forget to catch Lee's take on this…


  1. now, that's an interesting post. The way you can make it about "heating" a relationship from a picture of a toast. I always knew you had a vivid imagination, and you proved it once again. Well done Miss Havan!! well done!!!

  2. Ah ha! Can't run around flashing, Havan, without me finding you. ;) Loved the whole butter on toast thing. *chuckles* Prepare to melt. Love that! I'll have to use it some time and see how it works.

  3. I love it!! An awesome story startign from toast? Amazing.

  4. Love, love, love it when reading something sexy makes me smile. Very well done! :D