Monday, September 16, 2013

Just another music Monday...

Okay – I got some pretties in my email this morning for my upcoming release with Total-E-Bound—
It's Only Make Believe
in the
50's Mixed Tape anthology

So I think it is only proper to do my Just Another Music Monday post in honor of the song that I chose for this antho. :)

Enjoy *winks*

Dyer’s whole life is nothing but a game of play pretend. When he attempts to drag Derrick into his make-believe world, it tips on its axis. Suddenly Dyer doesn’t want to play anymore.

Dyer Cambell could escape all his troubles with a starring role in a new gay dramedy. At least he thinks so. Unfortunately, the producers want to cast true to script actors. Simple enough, Dyer will make them believe he’s gay. Problem solved.

Enter his best friend’s brother.

Derrick Verns had no intention of being Dyer’s personal show and tell prop. But there is something about Dyer that is oddly compelling. Derrick wants to find out who the real Dyer is—the one that doesn’t play make believe all the time.

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  1. Thank you for jogging such great memories. Conway, before he went country; loved that song. Patsy, one of the first cross-overs. Had those all on 45s and played them all the time. Right now Patsy is playing in my mind. Too bad you youngsters will never know the joy of vinyl, believe me it was better than this new-fangled digital stuff and we did not scratch them on purpose "shudder".

    1. lmao oh I remember vinyl...and I remember when a scratch would bring me to tears...not to the dance floor. Hope you enjoy my story that was inspired by the song. :)