Thursday, September 26, 2013


Like many people, I work better with structure. Seriously, if not given a definite plan I crash and burn...a lot. Even with proper deadlines in place I have issues and problems—the shiny squirrels are evil and constantly put their dagger-like nails into me dragging me to their deep dark levels of Hades...

*sighs* Boy I wish I was

My family and friends cope with this deficient part of guess would be not happily (but optimistically I'd like to think that is being a tad bit too pessimistic) lmao.

Where is this leading for my WhIP Wednesday Thursday blog? Well, thanks to a friend of mine, I've been steered in the right direction once again and am moving forward. (That's been my mantra this week it seems...just move the tune of just keep 

Which means...

**drum roll please**

It means that Judging Jude has been shipped off to the editor and I am now working on my trust trilogy. Depending on how long the three books end up being in this trilogy I may release them separately or in one big novel with three parts. *smiles*

So wish me luck as I return the favor and let's hope all goes well...really hoping the editor likes Judging Jude...*crosses fingers*

Can I interest you in a snippet? (NSFW and unedited—oh my what a combo lol)

"Jude…" His name floated from Billy's lips. Though Jude didn't want to stop watching his hands work, he finally lifted his head and met those piercing blue eyes directly. "Jude, there's something I have to say to you before we—"
Jude didn't want talk unless it started with dirty and ended with screaming moans. He easily pulled his cock out of his sleeper pants and pressed it solidly against Billy's. He mixed the precum already leaking from his tip with Billy's to lubricate his quicker yanks on them. Just as he hoped, the added pressure and faster pace stopped Billy mid-sentence.
He tugged one final time on Billy's balls then joined his hands together around their cocks working them furiously. His back spasmed and he lurched forward when he felt the heat of his orgasm near.
"Come on, Billy. Not alone…don't want to do this alone." He sped up even more, almost to the point of pain. They both leaked copious amounts now, so the pain merged to an intense throb that jolted Jude even closer to the edge.
Jude felt a soft touch on his cheek and opened his eyes, not even aware he had closed them. He got lost in the bright blue gaze centered on him, slowing down his frantic pace slightly. Without thinking, he leaned forward and accepted the kiss waiting for him. Such a chaste brush of lips for what they were in the middle of doing, but so needed to ground Jude to this moment. He rested his head on Billy's shoulder and sighed. He let Billy hold their weight with his hands planted on the garage floor.
"You're not alone." Billy whispered as he bucked up into Jude's clenched fists. "I'm most definitely right here with you, all the way. Let it go."

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