Friday, August 7, 2015

He trusts...but can he love? Chance at Love now available #newrelease

Em took a chance at trusting…now can he chance love also?

Yay…Chance at Love is now out and available. :)

Hey! Let’s make this a celebration—I finally remembered to blog about one of my new releases…one release day none-the-less!!!

Wait…what was I saying? (damn my babble reflex) smh

Oh yeah, it’s a celebration—leave a comment on my blog and one fabulous person will get a free e-book from me…and a $5 gift card from ARe!

Hip Hip Hurray for new releases!

Chance at Love
Chance at Life trilogy, book 2

Em’s relationship with Penn is going remarkably well. Even with the hassles of Em’s lascivious best friend and Penn’s demanding job, they’ve managed to build what could possibly be something long-lasting. Unfortunately for Em, every time life seems to flow right, the wrong always hits.
Penn admits dating Em isn’t easy. Many people would steer clear of the emotional baggage. But once Penn glimpses the man behind the unseen scars, he’s a goner. Not one to mince words, and because his boyfriend needs to hear it, Penn makes sure Em knows how he feels every day…even if Em isn’t ready to return the sentiment.
Then, with one surprise phone call, Penn finally learns why Em doesn’t share his heart easily. When someone is never given emotional security, how can they possibly know how to feel it, to reciprocate it? That’s okay. Penn is a tenacious man with one chief purpose right now—to give Em a chance to love.

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, ARe

Chance at Trust
Chance at Life trilogy, book 1

The strength to walk away from an abusive long-term relationship proves Em is a survivor. But surviving isn’t necessarily living, and Em has created a life on a plateau of his own making, not even entertaining the idea of a new boyfriend. When he shows interest in a very sexy barista, his best friend sees a chance to open Em’s eyes to the possibilities in life.
Penn couldn’t help his double and triple take when the sexy man walked into his mother’s coffee shop. Priding himself on always remaining calm and collected in all situations, Penn is surprised by the strength of his attraction for this stranger. When the stranger’s loud-mouthed friend proposes a way for Penn to see Em again, he takes it.
While Em comes with baggage—his eyes tell a story of pain and distrust—Penn isn’t one to shy away from a challenge, especially when his heart is so quickly getting tied up in the equation, and he’s prepared to break through Em’s walls and give him a chance to trust.

Available at Amazon, Smashwords, ARe 

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