Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Just a quickie note :) #authorupdates

I know I suck at blogging just to blog – I am an introvert at heart and when I get nervous or stuck on a thought I tend to use twenty words when two would’ve worked perfectly. In other words, I babble. Not such a bad thing in physical company (my family is very good at just telling me to zip it, lmao) but on the computer, with no filter…well I think this paragraph proves my point nicely. lmao

So I wanted to give everyone an update on what I’m working on, since I’ve gotten quite a few questions about it. :) I like questions, so much easier to answer them than come up with a blog post. smh lol

First, Chance at Love is just about finished – getting the blurb ready and the cover done, thinking it will be out within the week! *cheers* yay! lmao

Next, I’m working hard on my Pulp Friction book 4 – Laurant and Gun are again not playing nice with me…one day I’m gonna write a book without a stubborn man (or men) in it…that will show them! *eye roll*

Also, I was supposed to put up a Story Orgy Monday post yesterday – but that obviously didn’t occur. I’m torn, because my Superhero story with Dean and Dev is technically finished on the blog (hey, the cops saved them lol) but it needs a few scenes added for it to be published. And we are supposed to start a new book on the blog yesterday – but that just hasn’t happened yet in my head…Dean and Dev were originally going to be in the new book also, but not sure that will happen. They are playing with me and it isn’t nice, though they seem to like it.

So those are the main things I’m working on right now, wish me luck and thanks for checking in and being curious. :)

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