Monday, August 10, 2015

Just another quickie note… :) #authorupdates

So what…I do one blog update and I find it kind of cathartic and want to do more? Um…yeah, that about covers it…lmao

As you can see there still isn’t a Monday Story Orgy prompt from me yet…and eeeeek! *hangs head* Hank Edwards does have his up though…and darn it doesn’t he just always know how to bring it!

As for me…I should be punished…please…

Good news, though…I’m on the home stretch of my first draft for book 4 of Pulp Friction ’15 and boy…is my mind just bebopping with a scrumptious demon and -------- oops, I almost spoiled the surprise for you. It’s not like anyone really wants to know who/what Gun is anyway, right? *winks* So I have to finish the first draft and have it to the editor in two days!!! *eyes bug out* WHAT! Yeah…scary isn’t it? Plus after that I’ve gotta sweet talk my beta readers into liking it *cough cough* oh my, did I say that out loud?

After that I still have to shine up What if You Fly? for the editor and a hopeful release of mid-September.

Plus now that Chance at Love is finally published and out there for you to enjoy (getting GREAT feedback on that so far too…yay!), I’ve already outlined Chance at Forever and will have that published soon…I’m thinking October.

Busy busy here…which is why my presence on Facebook and Twitter has diminished a bit—miss you guys! But no worries, I’m chugging some great coffee and keeping my blinders on in defense against the shiny squirrels that threaten to come and take me away…lmao.

Speaking of shiny animals with great fur/hair…yes I did get my rights back for Wish Me Nothing and I do indeed intend to add to it and republish it. I’m thinking I could easily add 10k-20k words to it…and I’m shopping around for cover art that will really bring the book to life. Now, I don’t do covers…I don’t have those mad skillz. But I’ve spoken to a few people and we’ll see what happens. This won’t be rereleased until either the end of this year or more likely the beginning of next year…so not for a while. Just wanted to shout this out there for now, though. :)

So until next time, thanks for checking in and being curious.

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