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A Fool’s War
Voss Foster
Series: The King Jester Trilogy, book three 
Release date: December 2, 2015

Marley is alive, and back with Toby and the rest of Zirkua Fantastic. But King Jester, the spirit of discord, still roams free, and his most fearsome creations, the Princes, have been loosed from their prisons. Now, human and immortal alike are disappearing, no sign of a body or a struggle to be found. More and more of them each day.
Now, it’s the duty of the last remnants of resistance to stand strong against the impossible, battle back the chaos before it ravages Earth. And all the while, a single question remains unanswered: can life ever return to normal after this?

Categories: Fantasy, Gay Fiction, Urban Fantasy, M/M Romance

51,000 words
Publisher: Prizm Books
Cover Artist: Kris Norris
Toby wrapped an arm around Marley, felt the hard muscles of his arms. "You're wonderful."
"Well, I try."
They wandered through the camp. Once, it had been a circus, the greatest circus in all the world: Zirkua Fantastic. But it died when King Jester escaped. Now, only haunted remnants remained. Hawkers' corridor, once lively with trade, stood as dusty, weather-beaten booths, the machines and stock left abandoned. The tent frame stood, its fabric long burned away.
And there was the graveyard. It started with Darius, killed in King Jester's escape. But it grew. It grew too much, too fast. After they rescued Marley, they buried what was left of the victims, of the old performers.
Toby turned his eyes away from the graves, back to the skeleton of the tent. Those humans who chose to stay, after everything, spent most of their time here. Toby shook his head. Again, was this really safety? Could they really be safe, even with the protections. Those who stayed behind stayed to fight.
When Toby looked at them, he didn't see them alive. Just dead. Killed by Coyote or killed by King Jester or, done away with. Whatever happened down in the town. And he wasn't the one who could keep them safe. Not against King Jester or his army of half-breeds.

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Let’s talk about the author:
Voss Foster lives in the middle of the Eastern Washington desert, where he writes science fiction and fantasy from inside a single-wide trailer. He is the author of Tartaros, The King Jester Trilogy, and the Evenstad Media Presents series, among others. His short fiction has been featured in various magazines and anthologies, including Andomreda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. When he can be pried away from his keyboard, he can be found cooking, singing, practicing photography, and belly dancing, though rarely all at the same time.

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