Friday, December 25, 2015

I got the mushy feelings let the rambling commence :)

So it’s Christmas night…all the yummy prime rib has been eaten, and I’m seriously thinking of sneaking back into the kitchen for a treat or two—the pumpkin cheesecake and magic bars are calling my name. (side note: I swear I’m going back to low carb when the leftovers are gone hahaha)

I meant to do a post earlier to say Happy Holidays to everyone, but I was sidetracked numerous times—Disney movie marathon (Lion King, Aladdin, Toy Story 1 & 2), dishes to wash, family to appreciate…unfortunately I didn’t get onto my computer until now…now being 9:44p my time.

I hope you are healthy & happy
I hope your day was as good as mine
I hope there are great things in your future to accomplish still, while reminiscing about the amazing things you’ve done in your past

(and no, I’m not drunk—lol—just mushy right now, it has the same effect on me)

As for me, I’m thinking that even though I’ve got a lot of major changes happening soon…I’ll be okay. It’ll take time, but yeah. All I can do right now is just buckle down and continue writing, while hoping that more people pick up my books and enjoy my style of storytelling. Yeah—that would be nice. :)

And on that note… Love ya all and time to surrender to the magic bars and pumpkin cheesecake. <3

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