Friday, April 20, 2012

Flash Friday Fiction #18

Happy Flashing Friday Everyone!!!

Are you ready for the flashing to begin????

So this Friday Flash Fiction is a number of talented authors getting together to describe a picture with just 100 words, not 101...not 99 - 100 hits the mark.

Enough idle chatter? Well if you say so...but I personally say I never can get enough...*smirks*

Walt sighed and leaned back against Ralph. "Tommy and Phil broke up. Evidently Phil was having a lot more sex than Tommy was during their relationship."

"I always thought Phil was a douche."

Walt continued doodling in the sand. "Tommy's heartbroken."

"He'll get over it. Phil's a douche."

"He moved back in with his sister, couldn't make rent without Phil."

"That's what happens when you let a douche move in."

Walt felt Ralph's hand bump his in the sand and looked down to see what they doodled. "Ralph?"

"Yeah, Walt?"

"Thanks for not being a douche."

"I love you too."


Let us all lift our drinks up to the douches of the world...for they remind us of the joys that we have right beside us! *grabs your hand and makes the leap giggling* now for the fun part—let's blog hop to the next yummy morsel awaiting our presence!


  1. Ahh, that's sensual. Ralph and Walt are obviously very close, and care for each other a lot. No douche will come between them. Great flasher.

  2. gosh, I wonder what Ralph thinks about Phil, lol
    loved this flash, it was sad (for Tommy), funny and ended sweet

  3. Loved it. Great flasher! And they're right Phil is a douche.

  4. "Thanks for not being a douche." Funny and touching. Very nice work, Haven!

  5. I don't know what a douche is but l'll take your word for it! Great post!

  6. OOOOOOhhh, THAT WAS FREAKING GOOD! I liked it! LOL Gemma. You use it to clean your cootchie dear. Keeps you smelling April fresh.

  7. Love this! So simple and so real! Fabulous FFF.

  8. Great FFF Havan funny and sweet!

    SLira aka Michael M

  9. Douche? I haven't heard that word in years! Love it. :) And Phil is a douche bag...

  10. Phil sounds like a complete douche! Great Flasher!