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Like a Virgin with Remmy Duchene...

When Remmy Duchene was like a virgin…

So…in honor of my first solo release coming out soon…I've decided to celebrate by talking to some very talented authors about their first solo release! *giggles* You see…it isn't all about me all the time…but I do love weaseling my way into the mix most of the time…hehe

Today I've got the sigh-worthy Remmy Duchene here sharing tidbits of first releases and joys of multiples…*clears throat* everyone get your minds outta the gutters…I'm talking about Remmy's first series release *eye roll giggling* Sons of Eros—and don't you worry you're cute little assets off, Remmy already promised to give us the down low on all three books…Savaro's Honey Buns (1), Rajan's Seduction (2) and Laird's Choice (3)…*claps hands together smiling*

So my hot Jamaican Rems…this virgin series of yours, tell us about it. How did you come up with the idea…did you have all three mapped out in your head when you began or did they just pop up while you were working it?
Well, I had Savaro’s story mapped out in my head. I don’t do many series as you can see. But as for how I came up with the story, after writing three back to back books that were so sad I wanted something quick, fun, sexy and flirty…The brothers popped into my head and they were just as sizzling in there…

Let's take it a little slower…I did come on kinda strong with that first question didn't I? *snickers and scoots closer to Remmykins on the couch* This all started with Savaro's Honey Buns…tell us a little about Savaro's and his…um...honey buns.
*eyes* Savaro is the oldest of the three. He’s the big papa figure ever since they  met in the orphanage. He takes care of the other two, protects them. He’s a chef now, wealthy, sexy in all the right places and …*trails off to drool*

Sons of Eros 2
My man is next, Rajan…tell us all about how he tickled your no-no square and made you pen his story Rajan's Seduction
Oh right. You did confiscate my Raji didn’t you. Wait…did you just say no no square?? *falls over laughing* oh man…*gasps while laughing* that’s rich…oh right…sorry…*snickers* But I LOVE Bobby Deol (an Indian actor) and when I was creating the brothers, I thought of the three hottest men I think I’ve ever seen. Bobby reminds me of your Rajan so that’s how he became a big shot Bollywood star. He’s Indian, dances, sings –oh baby-Rajan is the youngest of the three by the way.

And last but never least…Laird is now center stage. His story, Laird's Choice, was just released last week. Where did your inspiration for this final chapter in your trilogy come from?
Well actually, Laird’s Choice is the last of the brothers but not the last in the series. I was asked…no wait, TOLD by a few of my readers that they demand a Jose book. So, I wrote one. But Laird is the middle one. He’s a real estate mogul and was feeling a little down because he was the only brother left without someone. Boy did he hate me when I gave him Race!
Oops…my bad and yay more Sons of Eros!

Now your first series release *pauses for the giggles to stop*—okay, so I'm immature sometimes…maturity is overrated lol—Sons of Eros is published through Silver Publishing. What made you choose them? Was it just luck? A stroke of fate? Did you search publishers to see which one would be the best fit?
Silver? Well, they took a chance on me first with my story Country Soul. They did such a good job with it, putting it all together, and my cover??? SMOKIN’! They take great care of my work there and hasn’t let me down since so it was a no brainer. 
Gotta love it when an author and publisher click like that…

Let's talk about…wait for it…ME! *bounces around couch making Remmy bounce with me* Sorry…I had a double caramel latte before you came to me…*winks and smirks* Now back to the questions…I'm personally going though some withdrawal anxieties with my boys…did you have any withdrawal pains when you sent your boys out there in the big bad world?
Dude, who gave you coffee knowing we were supposed to do this little chat today? Was it Lee Brazil?
My muse takes very good care of me thank you…and he sends his love…*sips my second double latte*
Are you kidding? Oy vey! Alright, I never thought anyone would like my boys. I mean come on, they’re three brothers who aren’t really brothers and I thought people were going to think “day-um! Remmy was dropped as a child” but Ta-Dah!

Sons of Eros 3
Ta-da indeedy…now, speaking of your boys…*leans over and whispers in Remmy's delectable ear* Just between us…no one else ever has to know…who's your fave brother? Come on…who is it? Which one made you laugh…scream…maybe even touch yourself when you penned his story? *nudges a bit* You can tell me…I won't tell anyone I promise…*crosses fingers behind back*
That is totally not fair *eyes Havan* I can’t pick a favorite! They are equal because they all drove me nuts. Especially Laird…OMG! This dude made me want to throw my computer out the window.

Looking back—now that you are no longer a virgin at multiples—is writing another series a possibility? Let's face it, you've got numerous *coughs and smirks* one night stand (i.e. stand alone *winks*) books to your credit, this is your first foray into a set of characters that span more than one storyline. Did you enjoy visiting them over and over again and would you consider it again in the future?
Well, the series was a pain in the butt because Savaro’s Honey Buns was contracted before I was even halfway through Rajan’s story because I had to leave the country for Jamaica for a while there. When I was finished with Rajan’s story, Laird wouldn’t talk to me for some reason and when he was finally talking to me, he was so pissed off that I had to do two rewrites on his.  I don’t know. I had another series planned but it’s not going to work for this year. If I take anymore onto my plate Jade would disown me. But I am working with a couple of co-authors on some stuff and will be popping up in a couple of anthologies this year.
Oh yes…our fiery Jade…she'll getcha good…hehe

If you had to turn the experience of publishing your first series into an erotic novel…what would you title it?
I Cum. I saw. I conquered. ….What? Too subtle??
*spews latte and giggles* No…not at all…sorry, let me clean that up…*pats up Remmy's thigh with napkin*

Colors can tell a lot about people and experiences…what color would you label your first foray into publishing and why?
Grey. Didn’t have much luck when I just started out. I mean TWO of the publishing houses that I signed with went under so I had to do massive rewrites and re edits and it was a long time before I even tried again.

Now…just because three Anatolis brothers have gots to be better than one…*winks*…here are a few quickie questions for your boys…answer with Savaro, Rajan or Laird…

Most likely to wear a fedora and rock it…Rajan
Most likely to be found barefoot…Rajan
Most likely to call his brothers at 3a because he was arrested for lewd behavior in a public place…Damn! Can I put Jose for this one? He’s not a brother but he was the one who took the Anatolis’ private jet to Jamaica to elope with some guy he met at a club!!  But if I had to choose, I’d say, Rajan.
Most likely to find a stray animal and bring it home…Savaro….definitely Sav
Most likely brother to want to measure their endowment and compare…HA! Laird!
Most likely to blow off plans and stay in bed all day…Savaro. Have you seen the man he’s with?
Most likely brother to be the voice of reason…Depends on the day. Savaor most likely.
Most likely to have a sweet tooth…Is this one a rhetorical question? Savaro (hint, his best sell at his restaurant is Honey Buns)
In a silly battle of wills…most likely to refrain from…um…pleasuring themselves the longest…Laird.
***Side note…Laird ain't gonna be doing any refraining if he keeps manhandling himself measuring it…*heads desk giggling*

And now you amazing sensuous Remmykins you…I want you to move real close to me…lean over so that we are touching from shoulder to toe…and tell us about your series Sons of Eros…and don't forget to use your sexy voice…*sighs and rubs a little against Remmy*
Oh maaaan!! This feels like going for an audition and the producer offers you the couch.

Savaro's Honey Buns – Sons of Eros 1
Savaro Anatolis tries to keep his hands off basketball superstar Jamal Kendricks when he comes into his restaurant looking for honey buns. But how can one keep a moth from a flame?

All his life, people have been leaving Savaro Anatolis: his parents left never to be seen again and lovers only want him for his money. The only people he can count on are his father and brothers. When sexy pro-basketball player Jamal Kendricks walks in to Savaro’s restaurant and demands to try his honey buns, Savaro knows he has to keep this sexy morsel at arm’s length or Jamal will break his heart.

Jamal Kendricks wants out of the spotlight for a while--he wants to go somewhere he can at least pretend to be normal and consider what team to sign with next. But he didn’t prepare for Savaro, his two brothers and fighting demons from Savaro’s past. Is love strong enough to save Savaro, or is their relationship doomed from the start?

Rajan's Seduction – Sons of Eros 2
Successful Bollywood actor Rajan Anatolis has done many things to prepare for a role, but nothing like following a SWAT team. Captain Xavier Crawford hates untrained shadows. But how can he possibly object when the man is so damn sexy?

Rajan Anatolis has made the move from Bollywood to Hollywood. His first role is playing a New York City SWAT officer. In order to prepare, he has to shadow the Century City CT SWAT team and he and his brothers are worried about the risks involved. But more hazardous is dealing with the sexy leader, a mocha Adonis who hates untrained observers interfering with his work and putting his squad at risk.
Xavier Crawford loves his team. The last thing he wants is some untrained, spoiled actor coming in and putting them all in danger. He isn't ready for Rajan or his reaction to the gorgeous man; the moment he sees him, all Xavier wants to do is rip the actor's clothes off. What happens when what he wants and what his heart and body want are different things?

Laird's Choice – Sons of Eros 3
Real estate mogul, Laird Anatolis is in a rut. When he decides to vacation at his friend's ranch, he is prepared for one thing--a working vacation. Then he meets Race and everything changes; will their secrets keep them apart?

Laird Anatolis isn't feeling so good. When his brother Rajan suggests a vacation to a small town close to Eros with his friend Winston, Laird jumps at the chance. The moment he arrives and meets Race McKade, he knows his life is about to change. While Race is honest about the fact he is keeping secrets, Laird worries that his own surprises might come between them as well.

Sparks fly between Race and Laird from the moment they first meet. The second Race sets eyes on Laird all he wants to do is mess with him. But when a heated kiss in the VIP section of a club leads to much more, Race has to decide if he wants to share his secrets and lose Laird, or let Laird find out from elsewhere and lose Laird... How can a guy win?

You can find Sons of Eros @ Silver Publishing & Amazon
You can find Remmy Duchene @ Remmy Duchene's Peeping Hole & Kool Queer Lit

Excerpt from Laird's Choice – Sons of Eros 3:
Race wrapped some rope tightly around his wrist and elbow, tugging it hard with a gloved hand. He watched the horse running around the coral. He hadn’t realized there was a smile on his lips until he shifted his neck to look down at the end of the rope. Inhaling deeply, he pulled the rope off his arm tied the end so that it couldn’t come untangled and chucked it over a post. Bending over, he gripped the handles tied to a bay of hay and walked it into the stalls. He dropped it in Beagle’s stall then reached for a fork to spread it. Not so long ago, he wouldn’t want to do any of this—he didn’t want to work on a ranch. But after being locked up for so long, he’d take working on a ranch to clear his head over being locked in a cell against his will any day.
“Excuse me?”
Race spun around and arched a brow. “Can I help you?”
Why is it, all I can see is me throwing this man on a bed and just drilling him?
“I’m looking for Winston…”
Race cleared his throat from the triple X show in his head. The man didn’t look to be the type to be into ex-cons. Rubbing a gloved hand against the back of his neck, he leant the fork against the side. Using an index finger, he pushed his Stetson up a bit from his eyes. “You Laird Anatolis?”
The man tilted his head—a look that caused his shoulder length, curly black hair to fall to the side. He looked even sexier that way. “Yes. And you are?”
“Race McKade.” He suddenly felt as though he was unworthy to stand in the same room as Laird. He grabbed the fork, stabbed the hay again and shook the fork. “Winston went into town to grab some groceries. He’ll be back in a few. You need help with your things?”
“Not really. Just show me where I’m sleeping and it’ll be fine,” Laird replied.
Race nodded and leant the fork against the side again. As he walked by Laird, he pulled the gloves from his hands and shoved them into his back pocket. He climbed the steps two at a time and held the front door open for Laird. As Laird stepped by him, Race had to hold his breath. The first whiff of Laird’s scent sent Race’s body into a tizzy and his heart racing inside his chest.
He released the door behind him and motioned down the hall. “Winston says it’s the same room you always sleep in when you come here.”
“Ah ok.”
“Here we are.”
He moved out of the way, standing on the other side of the door so he didn’t have to be near Laird when he walked into the bedroom. “I’ll be in the barn. I still have some stuff to do. When Winston comes back I’ll let him know you’re here.”
“You don’t have to do that, Race. I can come out—besides I could help you work until he gets back.”
“You’re going to help me work? Outside? In the barn?”
“You do know you’ll have to get your hands dirty right? I mean, you’ll have to scoop out horse crap and all that good stuff. Are you sure you’re up for that?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
Race laughed. “I’m sorry, Mr. Anatolis, but you don’t look like you’ve done a hard day’s work in your life.”
“No offense, huh? Ass.”


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