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Like a Virgin with Raven McAllan...

When Raven McAllan was like a virgin…

(oh so many moons ago… Oh you mean a writing virgin Phew…)
Hold it now…I didn't know the other topic was up for discussion…um…later sweets *waggles eyebrows*

So *coughs and giggles*…in honor of my first solo release coming out soon, I've decided to celebrate by talking to some very talented authors about special 'first' releases of theirs! *heads desk giggling* Not that type of release! *winks* You see…it isn't all about me all the time…but I do love weaseling my way into the mix most of the time…hehe

Today I have the very talented Raven McAllan with me...*spins Raven around the room attempting to waltz* I'm sorry…but there is something about a regency piece that makes me think of dancing…and those are the virgin secrets we wanna hear about from this wonderful author…her debut release Wallflowers Don't Wilt…and after that we get a yummy taste straight from the source…*sighs happily* oh yeah, life is good! *winks*

Thanks for joining me today, Raven…before we get started…well I mean really get started *nudges Raven and giggles*…have you noticed our names rhyme? How flipping freaking coolio is that…*sing song voice* Raven and Havan sitting in a tree…*stops and waggles eyebrows* so…what's the chances of…um *blushes* yeah, okay, back to your virgin days…hehe
catching kisses one two three? okay, don't go there giggles

Well…not with so many witnesses, I may be an exhibitionist but even I have a limit…kinda…lol, now on with the basics…tell us about Wallflowers Don't Wilt.
Whew, let me stop spinning first, it's a long while since I've danced like that. Right —takes a deep breath and a drink of…. well it looks clear, and has a bit of a sparkle and the slice of lemon may be a giveaway…
Wallflowers Don't Wilt was written as a dare from my crit group. Especially the lovely (and nagging) Doris O'Connor. We were chatting on the net, and I said I'd an idea for a regency. But with a twist… a menage but two women and a man. And that was it, I hadn't a thought of actually writing it, but they dared me, nagged me, encouraged me, and generally bullied me. Once I started writing the story down, I was hooked, but I never thought I'd do any more than write it. It was way out of my comfort zone for one thing (now I look at it and think… and ? what's hard about writing that? But then? Hey I had to write certain words peeking between my fingers.
It's a love story (natch) but one with secrets never to be admitted to in Regency England. I had a ball with the research. Did you know men who went to the far east, sat to have their …(checks no one under 18 is listening) cocks replicated in Jade? Then they could send them home to keep their mistresses occupied. There's a bit about this in Wallflowers that had me giggling as I wrote it. And no I'm not telling—read the book.
Okay—my yin is named Jade…so forgive me for laughing my assets off…OMG that's bloody brilliant!

*takes a breath and controls myself* Why did you choose Breathless Press to publish this first story of yours…was there something special there or just fate?
I'd heard they were good, and reading their web site seemed to confirm it. Doris (who I have immortalized in one of my books as D the D …think about it lol…) checked them out and agreed, and metaphorically sat on my PC until I sent it. I got my acceptance a few days later, 3am (had got up for a glass of water, checked emails as you do) and woke DH up dancing into bedroom. Poor thing wondered what on earth was going on. We celebrated later (wink)
And of course no one was up to tell… the kids got a very early wake up text, and it was Saturday—my bad.

Wait a second…I have to break protocol here. Anyone who has been following these interviews knows I pretty much ask the same questions to all the authors…because I like the questions and am just not that imaginative *giggles*…but I have to ask you…how did you get the title for your virgin release? I love *bouncing here* the title Wallflowers Don't Wilt!
Well…(giggles back) Hey I love your questions. But Wallflowers? That's what the girls who were 'on the shelf' and never asked to dance were called in Regency times. They sat by the wall and drooped.  Wallflowers don't droop doesn't quite have a good ring about it… so I had a lightbulb moment and said aha! Wilt. Because my two may in theory be wallflowers, but no way are they wilting, they're flourishing and thriving—just not in the accepted manner! I love 'em.

Okay…I'm celebrating my very first solo release *jumps up and shimmies a bit*…um…well, I'm personally going through some withdrawal anxieties…did you have any withdrawal pains when you sent your trio out there in the big bad world?
Hey, you'll be fine and have a ball! Enjoy every last second of it. The first time is very special and if you do it right, it won't hurt at all   (giggles)
 But for me? Understatement of the year. Scared, worried, wanted them back, they were tooo young to be set adrift in the big bad world. (And it doesn't get any better either) and all the usual, what ifs… no one likes them, I can't write, no one wants to read their story… and then OMG what if I'm a one book wonder?

Speaking about your trio… did you find it hard to not play favorites with three main characters in your debut release?
Yup, but well (winks) Ivo… I mean, I love men, and he is all man, even if some of his ideas are er shall we say, a bit more than I could accommodate lol. The girls are feisty, take no prisoners, but the more I wrote about them, the more their characters developed. No one could mistake just who they are! I tried to be impartial, because in all honesty each one has their own strengths and weaknesses.

With that in mind…*whispers* come on…you can tell us…which of these three fiery and excitable lovelies is your fave?
(Whispers back) nope! My big bad secret; because I refuse to have a favorite. Although, if I say…. I can't help but swoon over a man in breeches….

Looking back—now that you have more experience under your belt—would you change anything about Wallflowers Don't Wilt, not necessarily the book itself but the way you handled the release and whatnot?
To have more faith in myself. After all, BP wouldn’t have taken it if it was crap. And to do blogs and stuff (whispers) I an soooo bad at them, I want to go and hide in a corner. Grow a thick skin, accept not everyone likes my baby, and some people will hate it. Horses for courses. There's a thing called an off switch, that's there for the very purpose of letting you not read something. And people will use it. Most importantly remember, every review is subjective!

If you had to turn your virgin venture into an erotic novel what would you name it?
How Not To Grow Old Gracefully—and Enjoy It.

Colors can tell a lot about people and experiences…what color would you paint your first foray into publishing and why? Swirly reds purples and turquoise. Apropos if nothing, for years, I thought everyone saw words in color. Especially names. Havan is a rich deep warm sexy chocolate. Raven, a deep midnight blue.
*shivers* I like that!

Now…just because three is never a crowd…*winks*…here are a few quickies for us about your trio…answer with only Serena, Ivo or Arabella…

Most likely to get down and dirty in public… Ivo
Most likely to eat food in bed *winks*…Arabella
Most likely to be found barefoot…Arabella
Most likely to hide Ivo's breeches so he has to go without all day…ARGH Serena 
Most likely to find a stray animal and bring it home…Serena
Most likely to be the voice of reason for the ménage…Serena
Most likely to blow off plans and talk the others into staying in bed all day…Arabella
In a silly battle of wills…most likely to refrain from…um…pleasuring themselves the longest…Ivo, no contest, he has a will of iron.

And now for my favorite part! Raven will tell us a story please and how we can get our grubby little paws on it…*scoots even closer to my lovely guest and winks*
(passes a copy over, with the best bits underlined)

Two women on the verge of freedom. One man looking for adventure. Can he persuade them that freedom comes in many forms, including three bodies entwined?

Ivo Daranton is bored. What he sees in a busy ballroom soon removes the boredom and replaces it with the thrill of the chase. His quarry? Serena and Arabella—Sappho-following, pinkie-linking, more than just friends.

Although they had not thought they were inclined to include a man in their lives, Ivo decides they are wrong: a man is needed, and that man is him. How he persuades them to give him and his idea a chance—or rather, how the ladies encourage him to persuade them—is as unconventional as the life they intend to lead.

Find Wallflowers Don't Wilt at Breathless Press, Amazon  Bookstrand & ARe
Find me at my website blog  Face book  Raven McAllan and raven mcallan – author page. (and skulking around Regency England seeing who I should write about next.)

"So, Ivo." There was a saucy smile on Arabella's face, matched by the one on Serena's, as they both faced him, seemingly now wide-awake. "Just what is making your breeches stand up so?"

Minx. In fact, minxes. Plural. They knew much more than any well-bred young lady should.

"My cock. Desirous of attention. Preferably inside one of you." He looked to see their reaction. No maiden modesty there. Yet another look exchanged between them. He wished he could interpret the meaning. He had a lot to learn, he mused, and was sure considerable enjoyment would prevail as he did so.

"We need to try before we buy. Or, in this case, see before we agree." Serena laughed audaciously. "Lud, I am a poet. So, Ivo, the choice is yours: Do we see this excitable appendage? Touch? Perchance taste? For we have no need of its uses unless we so decide."

This was something they had discussed at length before they decided to take it upon themselves to speak to him in such an unconventional manner. Perfectly happy until that evening, his request had reawakened ideas both had discussed and discarded many years earlier. However, neither chose to agree or admit to anything that may spoil their future life without due consideration. Seeing what could be on offer not only filled those criteria, but as Bella had so succinctly put to Serena, "If we choose to go no further, we will be in the envious position of perusing a man's protuberance in all its supposed glory."

"Bella?" He turned for her response, his hands already poised to open the placket on his breeches.

"Oh, Ivo, I am in agreement. We hear about this part of a male and are told it is something we as ladies of the ton have no necessity to bother with, for it will only disturb us when it has a yearning to procreate." She wrinkled her nose. "Such a waste if it can only bring us delights we have never felt a need for. Therefore, we need to know what, where, and how we will be involved with your cock. We need to see how, without us, it serves you."

They intended to make him work for their cooperation, then? He liked the idea. He had to come or explode, so why not come with them watching?


  1. Thanks for inviting me over Havan.. we had a ball ( NO... Wash your mouths out and clear your minds peeps) didn't we?
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