Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hump Day Flashing #3...Stop Shoving, Mitch

Well Happy Hump Day!

For your entertainment…I'm gonna go toe to toe with my wonderfully creative muse, Lee Brazil. *big smiles* Seriously though, we wanna be mavericks…which basically means that we wanna flash you on our terms…

So…this week Lee got to pick the picture…

Now don't forget to swing on by Lee's blog too and see his take…it's amazing how two completely different flashes can be inspired by the same image…love that!

And for your reading pleasure…

"Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair!"
Zoe ducked as Mitch swung at him. "Very funny. Ha ha."
"I am a funny funny man."
"I'm interested in seeing if we can break away from this tour group and maybe take a peek into the dungeons. Ever get down and dirty in a castle?"
Zoe's eyebrows shot up. "You're fucking with me..."
"Well that is the plan."
They nonchalantly back-stepped to the edge of the group then snuck into a small alcove. Zoe rubbed his hardening cock against his lover's thigh as they waited for the rest of the group to turn the corner.
They jumped the red rope, made their way to a staircase leading both up and down. Not even stopping to ask, Zoe headed down, feeling Mitch right behind him.
The black cold chilled. "Jeez, we must have gone down two floors by now, Mitch. How far do you think this goes?"
The grunted response didn't help.
"Easy there big boy, don't want me falling down there. Hell I can't even see down there." He reached into his pocket and grabbed his lighter. Flicking it he peered forward into blackness. "Shit, you sure this is a good idea?"
A hand in the middle of his shoulder blades pushed him roughly, causing him to stumble down a few of the stairs.
"Hey!" He turned and flicked his lighter again, revealing empty space. No Mitch. Another push to his shoulder and the lighter bounced down the stairs leaving him in darkness.


  1. There will be more to this, right?

  2. What evil comes out of darkness to terrify you and makes you hear things that go bump in the