Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Recipe Blog Swap...leftover turkey day roll-ups

Well hello! Thanks for visiting me on your journey through our Thanksgiving Recipe Blog Hop. You will find on this hop tasty treats that some of your favorite authors—and maybe some authors that might become a fave *winks*—will enjoy tomorrow.

Let me start with this disclaimer (no...contrary to what some say I do not always need a disclaimer *eye roll*), on to my disclaimer lol...

I am not a cook. I don't pretend to be a grand force of nature in the kitchen in any way shape or fact...if I am any force in the kitchen it ain't grand (just ask my friends about my salad lettuce incident...wait—no don't ask them!). With that being said...I do know how to cook certain things, and I can follow a recipe for the most part...if I can remember how many tablespoons are in a teaspoon *winks*.

Now...I don't cook Thanksgiving meal. That special task is completely my sis's doing...but when it comes to the leftovers...oh baby I'm all over that chore!

This year my youngest kiddo and I already have a plan for some of those awesome leftovers...I even bought a too big for just five people turkey to ensure that the leftovers are plentiful *big smiles*.

Onto our Leftover Turkey Day Roll-Ups...

Now—first I want to give credit where it is due...the dough that I use is a great 2 ingredient dough that I got from This dough really is easy and versatile!

You take equal parts self rising flour and plain Greek yoghurt (about a cup of each makes a decent sized pizza)...that's it. There is your dough.

Mix these together...
when you have a wet mess that can't possibly turn into anything mix some more...
when you've come to a point when you know that this was a practical joke I played on you—add a sprinkling of flour to the top and mix more...
when you are cussing my name and ready to hunt me down, take it out of the bowl and put the absurdly still wet mixture on a floured counter top and start kneeding...
sprinkle more flour on top...
and a little more on top...
and wait for it...
OMG—this is turning into real dough...
(side note: this really only took 5-10 minutes, my patience drops three levels whenever I enter the

Now you've got your ball of dough—all homemade and looking good—it is time to prepare your roll-ups. I first got this idea for roll-ups from Lessons Learnt Journal...but I admit to changing it to suit me and my family.

Roll the dough out—still loving the fact that just two ingredients and we have dough...hence why I agreed to do this again lol—into a slightly oblong circle shape.

Now here is what we plan to do with it on Friday...

-take your leftover turkey and shred it with two forks—spread it over the dough
-add the cheese of your choice, shredded or if you have some cubes leftover from a platter that is great
-here comes the simple part—anything else leftover you want to add? Toss it on...*smiles* (I'm thinking some roasted veggies chopped up)
-roll it up into a log (the original recipe called for another layer of dough on top then roll it...but we prefer to skip the second layer—I don't think it is needed)
-once you have it in a log slice it into thick them on a sprayed cookie sheet or wax paper flat side down
-press more cheese on top just because kiddo loves it
-bake on 350* for about 20 min or until it is golden (trust me, it

There were insanely popular last time we made them (that time we used chicken, turkey pepperoni and cheese)

Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal! :)
And don't forget to enjoy the other hoppers recipes also!

Now...if you need something to read while you are waiting for them to cook...I recommend my Synchronous Seductions series...hehe...

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  1. Yum! you make me regret that we don't do "Thanksgiving" here!
    If I ever come to see day... you'll have to make that for me. Deal?

  2. *Looks on the map* Let's see...what's the fastest way to get to Havan's on Friday? These sound so damn good - and fun to make with the kiddos :)

  3. Great rcipe and I laughed so much reading this! Thanks for the recipe and the much needed smiles!