Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hump Day Flashing #4...Breaking a Curse

Well Happy Hump Day!

For your entertainment…I'm gonna go toe to toe with my wonderfully creative muse, Lee Brazil. *big smiles* Seriously though, we wanna be mavericks…which basically means that we wanna flash you on our terms…

So…this week I picked the pic…hehe

Now don't forget to swing on by Lee's blog too and see his take…it's amazing how two completely different flashes can be inspired by the same image…love that!

And for your reading pleasure…

Breaking a Curse
copyright © 2012 Havan Fellows

"It is too fucking cold to be on the beach, Landis." I zipped up my jacket.
"My my my don't you have the potty mouth tonight?" My soon to be slapped boyfriend laughed. "Come on, this is a special night. Two years together, David. Do you know what that means?"
"Yeah, that I'm no longer temporarily insane. I've graduated to full fledged insanity."
"Ha ha" Landis grabbed my elbow and led me around the huge rocks. "It means that I've broken your curse."
I stopped in my tracks, digging my heels into the sand. "I am not cursed."
"Sure you are. You've never hit the two year mark with any of your exes. Today you can officially say that I'm your knight in shining armor." His goofy grin melted my heart just like it always did. "I broke the curse that bound you, and now you are mine. Forever."
He tugged me those last steps around the rocks. The sight awaiting me made me stumble. A huge bonfire was roaring, beautiful and dangerous and big.
A safe distance from it lay a king sized comforter with a plate of my favorites; cheese, fresh baked breads and hummus. A bottle of what looked like champagne sat in a cooler filled with ice.
Finally, what he said sank in. I looked over at him and questioned, "Forever?"
He lowered himself to his knees, opened a burgundy jewelry box and smiled up at me. "Yeah, I need you in my life...forever."

Now don't you forget to jump on over to Lee's Musings and see his take on this great pic! *winks*

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