Monday, January 21, 2013

Are You Ready for the Friction...

Pulp Friction that is...

What is Pulp Friction?

It's a sexy new line of mystery/suspense stories from four (yes count it...four!) talented M/M authors. The Pulp Friction stories are modern day tales with shades of the old hard-boiled detective thrown in on top of the sexy...


Well...there is your textbook answer to the question what is Pulp now you wanna hear my answer? *waggles brows*

PF is an exciting new venture that was born in that beautiful head of Laura day she came to Tom Webb, Lee Brazil and me and said:

"Hey...what if we swung it this way? You know, have the edginess of some hard-as-nails men doing what they do—how they do it—and getting the things done. Sure there may not be an HEA right away (if ever)...but we'll deliver the thrill of the quick read suspense with a splash of sexy! So come on...who wants to sha-wing it with me?"

Okay *blushes and ducks head*—that might not be what she said verbatim...but I was paraphrasing, honest! hehe

So that brings me to contribution to the Pulp Friction franchise...come on—cop a squat and get to know Wick, I guarantee he'll entertain...*winks*

You can find Wicked Solutions at All Romance e-books & Amazon


Sometimes the only way for justice to prevail is to get a little Wicked...
People who call him know the deal. He'll solve their problems, but he'll do it his way. That's the only way Wick Templeton plays the game. His years on the force and connections to all types of specialists put him in a league of his own. That's how he intends to keep it.

An ex-boyfriend in need puts Wick on a path that crosses that of Ned Harris, a stranger who proves to be a worthy adversary.

Wick's simple agenda gets a little more complicated. Item one: Clear his ex's name. Item two: unmask the enigma that is Ned Harris.

It's a good agenda. Too bad Wick can't seem to stick to it.

And now for a small taste:

"Good boy, now sit down." Wick stepped in the opposite direction of Neer, keeping the desk between them.

As soon as Neer sat down, Wick stepped behind him and lifted his foot. He shoved the heel of his shoe into the back of the chair, moving it those extra inches so Neer grunted and his knees knocked the wall.

"And you call yourself a good guy." Neer sneered.

Wick sat at Neer's desk and very quietly set his gun down. "You're still breathing…for now. Anyway, good is such a relative term." He put on the latex gloves he had in his jacket pocket. "My mother thinks I'm a very good guy."

The next installment of Wick's story will be out on March 15th...mark your calendars *wiggles brows*

And you know...Lee Brazil released his first installment in his series the beginning of the New Year! Chances're gonna love it!

Blurb/small taste:

Meet Chance:

"I'm Chance, this is my place. You want me; this is where you can find me."

The problem with that, of course, was that it wasn't my name. My name was actually Aaron Dumont.

I picked up the name Chance as a kid when my grandma kept telling me "Chances are you'll come to no good, just like your pa." She had said it so often, it just kind of stuck. I've been Chance ever since. When she passed away and left me the remains of her estate, I sold everything but a few special items then invested it all in a nest egg for a rainy day.

I figured that's what she'd intended it for anyway. She'd said as soon as I joined the police force back in the eighties. "Chances are you'll come to no good there. It's a dangerous job and you're an accident waiting to happen."

She was right too.

You can find Chances Are at All Romance e-books, Amazon

And the person who's brain child this was...the uber-talented L.E. Harner has her series starting on February 1st...want a taste of hers? Oh I know you do!

Because anything two can do, three can do better.

Master Archer found his forever with fellow Dom, Zachery, but when their discreet recovery business interferes with their personal time, Archer buys exactly what his lover needs—submissive Jeremiah.

Just A Nibble:
“Penny for your thoughts,” Archer said. His arms wrapped around me from behind, and he rested his chin on my head. I wasn’t a small man, but when Archer wrapped me up and surrounded me with his tall, lithe body, I felt…home.
“I was remembering how excited you were when you opened your first club.”
“I think my excitement stemmed from the swarthy, sexy Dom I hired to be the club manager.”
I laughed. “Yeah, some Dom I turned out to be. One look from you and I was ready to roll over and beg for it.”
Archer turned me around to face him. Cupping my face in his hands, his long, slender fingers stroked my jaw, the blue-green eyes turned stormy under heavy lids. “It took me three years to convince you and it’s only for me, Zachary. Only for me.”
My knees nearly gave way at the possessive hunger on his face. “Yes, Sir.” God, how this man turned me inside out.

Triple Threat will be available on February 1, 2013!

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  1. I love this, I've read them all! Reading Retribution now and can't wait for City Knight 2. I'm your groupie :)