Sunday, January 6, 2013

Look! A Writing Challenge! (Geoff's Teddy)

Look! A Writing Challenge!

That's wonderful muse Lee Brazil tagged me in a writing challenge on FaceBook...and I had so much fun visiting my story again that I decided to post it on my blog for you all. *looks around...leans forward and whispers* yeah, I copied Lee in doing this...if you wanna see his writing challenge (and his excerpt is freaking HOT *shivers*) you can find it on his blog here...*winks*

The Rules are simple:

Find the word LOOK in one of your back list books, and then post the three paragraphs surrounding it (I cheated and did four but they are short...hehe). Post your favorite three, the ones that are most intriguing and post them...

My snippet is from Geoff's Teddy, which you can find @ Breathless Press, Amazon & All Romance ebooks (ARe)

(let me set the scene for you...Fuzzy is a straight bear who evidently isn't so straight, as the man in his bed, Geoff, can attest to...and then come the parents—oops *winks*)

His dad's chuckle floated down the hall to them. "He must have one of his girls in there fixing him up."
Fuzzy looked at Geoff's panicked and annoyed face and grinned as he whispered to him, "Hey, they had a fifty/fifty shot and just played the odds." Louder, he answered his father's comment. "You do realize I can hear you? And no, not a girl."
"We weren't whispering, honey, and you hear so well because you weren't allowed to play that rock pop music too loud."
He heard the footsteps coming down the hall. "Oh shit, the door!" he whispered into Geoff's temple.


  1. What a brill idea and I love your snippet... and the blue of this blog...xx

  2. I've got Geoff's teddy to read - it'll be zooming up the order after this!