Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flashing on Hump Day...oh yeah ;)

Alrighty then...time for a little hump day flashing! Just you and me and Lee Brazil and this yummy picture and the prompt of...
What are you doing here?

Hope you enjoy!

photo credit: stck.xchng

The Meaning of Things 
copyright © 2013 Havan Fellows

The door slammed, leaving an abnormally heavy silence in its wake. Who knew that the absence of sound could be so loud in one's ears; that it could be so all encompassing that one might actually need to turn on the television or radio just to escape it?
Or maybe that was just Leonard's guilt drumming around in his head. He knew Ralph tipped the scales for melodramatics; that he needed to be humored when he got on one of his insane sprees. Leo shouldn't have shut him down like that. If Ralph ever dismissed Leo's feelings that quickly he damn sure would be the one hustling out the door into the cold.
He turned his head from the pillow and glanced at the clock, seven in the morning. On a normal Saturday they would be in the middle of making love right now. Ralph liked to be up every morning before dawn, he said it made him feel like he didn't waste the day away. Leo was all for the wasting, but when Ralph woke him up with surprises...well he could always go back to bed after.
Unfortunately though, the surprise this morning wasn't a warm mouth or anxious hand. Ralph had woken Leo up completely distraught about a dream he had—trying to piece together what it meant to their relationship, because all of Ralph's dreams had to have some kind of meaning behind them.
Leo head butted the pillow then swung his legs around to sit up on the side of the bed. Who was he to criticize Ralph's beliefs? So what if Ralph watched for "signs" and interpreted every little thing as more than it was. To Ralph the squirrels that gathered on their back porch proved that they were good people because animals can Leo it just meant that the pests found a fool human who wasted money on nuts and pine cones for them.
What he should've done when Ralph woke him up in his tizzy was listen, nod, hug and then receive his loving. What he did was criticize Ralph for being so damn dramatic then attempt to get his loving. Boy that didn't work well.
Now Ralph was out doing his weekend chores, Leo was stuck with cereal for Saturday morning breakfast, and they both missed out on weekend morning sex.
Could he have screwed this up any worse?
He elbowed his dresser on the way to the bathroom, cursing about it not being a funny bone, when he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He looked worse for wear; his mouth drooped down and seemed to take his whole face with it.
"What are you doing here?" He whispered to himself.
An idea formed in his head and he reached in the shower to turn the water on. He washed and dressed in record speed, only taking his time when he sat to his computer to research dream interpretation books. He quickly bought and downloaded an audio version to his iPod and headed out the door, thankful for the first time that Ralph strictly adhered to his routines so Leo could find him easily.
A frantic city drive, two stops and forty-five minutes into the two hour audio and Leo parked his bright red four-door behind The Super Souper, a little hole in the wall sandwich shop that specialized in their homemade soups. Ralph's sister owned it and every Saturday Ralph would stop by for an early lunch and to help around the place if Rachel needed it.
Glancing at his watch he noted that he had just over an hour before his boyfriend would arrive, so he quickly circled the building and headed inside. It was easy to spot Rachel, she was the only one staring at him with daggers in her eyes. Okay, so Ralph already called his sister and dished about their argument.
No, that wasn't right. It wasn't an argument, it was just me shooting down Ralph's beliefs because I didn't agree with them.
Well that thought didn't make Leo feel better.
Leonard raised his hands in a placating fashion, walked toward her and most importantly...started talking before she did.
"Now, I know what you are going to say and you are completely and positively right about it all..."
When it was evident Rachel wouldn't throw Leo out he continued to tell her his plans for Ralph's weekly brunch. She got busy in the kitchen while he set up the reserved table in the corner that the family utilized.
He quickly adorned the their spot with a tablecloth and flowers that he picked up on his way here, a box of Ralph's favorite white chocolates and scented candles nestled nicely off to the right corner.
When Ralph promptly walked through the door, Leo had gone over his spiel for the tenth time. He knew Ralph would forgive him, considering some of the things they'd been through this was chump change. Yeah, forgiveness would happen without a doubt, but this wasn't about that.
Leo had a point to make, a point neither one of them would ever forget.
Ralph walked over to the table with an air of calm about him, but Leo saw his middle finger on his right hand twitch forward and back plus he kept darting his tongue out to lick the corner of his mouth.  Two tell tale signs that his lover was very anxious and not happy.
"What are you doing here, Leo?"
Leo smiled up at him, "Did you know that one of the interpretations of fireflies in dreams means longevity. Mix that with the other aspects of your dream; me, the baseball bat, and the dark cave...well one could easily stretch it to mean that even though you'd love to wallop me upside of the head for my obviously blind thinking, our relationship will still stand the test of time. Basically you're stuck with your caveman whether you like it or not."
Leo stood and took Ralph's hand in his, kissing his palm before closing his fingers around it. "Which is damn good because this state really frowns upon stalking...and I'm sorry, Ralph. You deserved so much better than I gave you this morning. I never want to hear that door slam in anger again."
Ralph looked at him with a smile forming on his face. "There wasn't a baseball bat in my dream."
"Yeah, I was giving you that as a freebie..."