Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Like a Virgin with Em Woods...

When Em Woods was like a virgin…

So…in honor of my first solo release coming out soon…I've decided to celebrate by talking to some very talented authors about their first solo release! *giggles* You see…it isn't all about me…but I do love weaseling my way into the mix most of the time…hehe

Today I've got the wonderful Em Woods sharing the love seat with me…*waggles eyebrows*…answering a few questions about her first ever release Not Anymore and after that we get a yummy taste straight from the source…*giggles and bounces* gotta love that!

*scoots closer to Em and winks* Hello beautiful…thanks for allowing me to drag you over to my blog today…
Hello, my lovely. It’s always a pleasure to be here with you. What are we talking about again? Virgins? I don’t think I know any virgins. *blinks innocently*
I'm sorry…I thought we'd met already…*shoulder bumps the Story Orgy Goddess and winks*

*coughs* So, let's start this off with the basics… you popped your cherry with Not Anymore…*giggles*…tell us about your first ever release…okay—I mean book release…*heads desk*
Wow, that was a while back…let me think…

Why did you publish with Total-E-Bound…was there something special there or just fate?
You know, I consider it fate. At the time I wrote Not Anymore I was a member of the RWA (Romance Writers of America) and a friend that I had made in my local chapter (Greater Detroit RWA) said she would recommend me to her editor. I – of course – said omigod, please do! At the next meeting, she gave me an email address and said “send here, she’s waiting.” I was terrified.

Now if you are anything like me…I assume you had more than one work in progress when you published Not Anymore…what made you decide this would be your first book published?
Actually, what I had in progress was a hot mess of confusion. Not Anymore came together (after I took it out of first person!) and it just made sense. I subbed it and within two weeks – on April 1st, mind you (talk about a “there has to be an April Fool’s in this acceptance letter somewhere!”), TEB offered me a contract.

Well thank goodness they didn't have a sense of humor that day! *wipes brow* Okay…about me for a second *big smiles*…I'm personally going through some withdrawal anxieties with my boys… did you have any withdrawal pains when you sent your boys out there in the big bad world?
Like I said up there, I was terrified. Not Anymore deals with abuse and the awful things that can result from that type of a relationship. It was damn scary.

But you did it so well! Looking back—now that you have more experience under your belt—would you change anything about Not Anymore or your way of handling its release?
There are a couple things I would change now, but I think they all are part of the learning to write well, learning to be a good partner in an author-publisher relationship…I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Love the way you look at it…*hugs Em* If you had to turn your virgin experience of publishing your book into an erotic novel what would you title it?
Teasing Em  
*mumbles under breath* wouldn't we all like to do that…

What color would you label your first foray in publishing your book and why?
Yellow…because several times I wanted to run scared! LOL…
Good thing you didn't…we'd hunt you down!

Now…just because I like to throw things at you…*winks*…here are a few quickies for us about your boys…answer can only be Dan or Logan…

Most likely to get down and dirty in public…Logan.
Most likely to wear a fedora and rock it…Dan.
Most likely to eat food in bed *winks*…Logan.
Most likely to be found barefoot…Logan.
Most likely to find a stray kitten and bring her home…Dan. Wait…maybe Logan.
Most likely to blow off plans and talk the other into staying in bed all day…Logan.
Most likely to have a sweet tooth…Dan.
In a silly battle of wills…most likely to refrain from…um…pleasuring themselves the longest…Dan. Definitely. LOL

Okay…so now was the time I planned to tear Em's clothes off and cuddle under the blankets…and she was all for that honest! *crosses fingers behind back*…but I remembered that she owes us a story! *giggles and bounces* So let us cuddle fully clothed *pouts* on the love seat and listen to this bit of goodness that is Not Anymore!

When Dan Perry meets Logan Hall on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, he knows keeping the man of his dreams means facing the demons of his past...but will his paradise be lost when he finds out Logan is really his boss?

Senior analyst and programmer Dan Perry needs a vacation. He finally talks his boss into giving him a week off to fly to Hawaii with his sister and her boyfriend. He knows he will be the third wheel but he has to get out of the office. And away from his abusive ex-boyfriend.

Two days before Dan is due to catch his flight back to Detroit, he meets Logan Hall. Even though he had no intention of outing himself to his family, things go awry when Logan accidentally does it for him.

As the second partner in the software firm where Dan works, Logan has wanted him from a distance for over a year. Now that he knows Dan is free, Logan intends to make his move. Things in Hawaii heat up when Dan is abducted by his ex-lover and these two honorable, loving men must face their worst fears to find the love waiting on the other side.

Not Anymore is available @ Total-E-BoundPublishing here

Dan returned to his seat across from Logan, his face empty, his eyes flat and tired.

“God, I’m sorry.” Logan wanted to wrap him up tight.

“I left everything except what I could fit in one bag. I was gone before he came home.”

Logan stood, noted the slight flinch. He crouched next to Dan and waited for him to look his way. When he finally turned his head, Logan drew him in, sipped at his lips with a slow kiss. Dan soon took over, pushing Logan back until they lay on the cool tile floor.

The softness of Dan’s hair called to Logan until he weaved his fingers through it, holding Dan close as he followed his lead, let him set the pace. This time Dan didn’t want gentle touches or soft words.

Just the two of them and one bad memory.

Dan ground their cocks together, tongues tangled and teeth clashed in the frenzy. Every touch, every kiss harder, more rushed than the last.

Logan slid his hands out of Dan’s hair, cupped his face and put an inch of much needed space between them. “Hang on, stud.”

Dan’s eyes snapped open. His face, already flushed with desire, darkened to crimson. “Why are we stopping?”

“Not stopping. Just slowing down.” Logan guided Dan’s face back to his, teased the seam of Dan’s lips with the tip of his tongue. A splash on Logan’s cheek pulled him back. He looked into bottomless green eyes, liquid with unshed tears. “Are you okay?”

Dan nodded, licked his lips. “How can you do that?”

Logan’s brows scrunched. “Do what? Slow down?”

“No.” Dan rested his head on Logan’s shoulder, taking deep breaths before continuing. “How do you know me so well?”

“That’s easy. I feel like—” Logan paused. “How can I not know you?”


  1. Thanks for having me over to talk about Not Anymore! *hugs my Havan* Now about that clothes tearing off thing...why didn't we again? *wink*

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  3. Great excerpt, Em! Thanks for sharing your first time with us. lol :)

  4. I loved that story- I guess raw talent does make a difference when its your first time!

  5. Your stories always have so much emotion to them, Em. Beautiful.

  6. That was wonderful and the interview is hilarious.

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  8. I'm a bad bad hostess...thank you Em for stopping by and sharing your 'first' with us...and thanks for everyone who enjoyed said 'first' *fans face and giggles*