Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Remmy Duchene...shirts (or lack of)...and Rajan…

Remmy's Shirt off his back Contest...

Well if this isn't what we've all been waiting for! Remmy Duchene wants to give us the shirt off his back! *giggles and wiggles*

Havan! Stop putting words in my mouth.

Oh what would you prefer in your mouth? *smiles innocently*
That's right baby…it's about darn time you showed up on my blog and showed us some skin! *winks*

*chuckles* You behave.

Remmy Duchene is a terrific interracial M/M author…he nails different cultures and heritages with smooth grace and hot words. He doesn't disappoint with his latest book—the second in his Sons of Eros series, Rajan's Seduction.

*sways over to Remmy and starts lifting his shirt* I'll take this one if you don't mind…

*swats hands* Stop that! I'm here to tell your friends about Rajan.

What was that? We have to wait for our 'private' time for that…*pouts*

That's not what I said!

*smirks* that's what I heard…

Sons of Eros bk 1
available here
*pushes Havan in chair and wraps rope around her*

oooooh…kinky…um…but Remmy these are kinda tight…I can't move my arms…


Ok so it's been a while since I've had a contest. But I feel it's time to celebrate the fun that is my Sons of Eros series.
PRIZES (pick one) 
"DARK SIDE" T-shirt from Family Guy 
"Bazinga!" Shirt from Big Bang Theory! 
A Mr. Rajan Anatolis Tshirt
Mr. Savaro Anatolis Tshirt
Mr. Laird Anatolis tshirt, 
A Jose's Thang tshirt.

**There will be two draws**
What you have to do to win? 

Because you already bought your copy of Rajan's Sedution. Send me the name of the movie he was thinking of about while standing in the ring at Xavier's home.  (***HINT*** The title is in Hindi)

No, spelling doesn't count because I know the language is hard but it has to be as close as possible.

Send your entries to remmy.duchene @ 

**Havan's readers, comment on this blog and you will be entered into the contest to win!**

Entries close March 2, 2012 and winners will be announced on my blog!

Sons of Eros bk 3
available here
on March 10, 2012
Okay…got it…so leave a comment here with the shirt you prefer to win and you are in one drawing…email Remmy with the answer to his question and the shirt you would prefer to be entered in a second drawing.
*wiggles and giggles and hip bumps loosening the tight ropes*
Remmy is giving us two chances to win! *bouncing*
And rumor has it he will be appearing on other tasty blogs also…so follow him—he loves stalkers *giggles* and leave comments on those blogs for more chances to win!
But don't forget your email addy…he needs to be able to get a hold of you if you win! *winks*
*squirms and slides to the right some…shimmies out of bonds* I'm free!
*curls up next to Remmykins and runs my fingers up and down his neck…purring* So…will you tell us about this yummy morsel you wrote now? *settles back and gets comfy while Remmy's voice floats over the air*

Sons of Eros 2: Rajan's Seduction
Available at Silver Publishing here

Successful Bollywood actor Rajan Anatolis has done many things to prepare for a role, but nothing like following a SWAT team. Captain Xavier Crawford hates untrained shadows. But how can he possibly object when the man is so damn sexy?

Rajan Anatolis has made the move from Bollywood to Hollywood. His first role is playing a New York City SWAT officer. In order to prepare, he has to shadow the Century City CT SWAT team and he and his brothers are worried about the risks involved. But more hazardous is dealing with the sexy leader, a mocha Adonis who hates untrained observers interfering with his work and putting his squad at risk.

Xavier Crawford loves his team. The last thing he wants is some untrained, spoiled actor coming in and putting them all in danger. He isn't ready for Rajan or his reaction to the gorgeous man; the moment he sees him, all Xavier wants to do is rip the actor's clothes off. What happens when what he wants and what his heart and body want are different things?

When morning finally dawned over Excelsior, it wasn't welcomed. Xavier Crawford wanted nothing to do with it. His eyes burned as though someone had tossed sand in them and every muscle in his body hurt. The day before his team busted through a door and he had to tackle some guy with a handgun. Moaning, he rolled over and pushed into a sitting position, rubbing his lower back with a large hand. Each time he woke up to so much discomfort he thought about getting a new bed, but why bother? He was the only one sleeping in it. Once again, he thought of a new bed and this time, he hobbled down the stairs into the den. He turned on the laptop and scanned the internet until he found the furniture store he'd always used. Searching through the website--he found a large bed and grabbed the phone.

"Don't you want to come see it first?" the salesman on the other end questioned.

Xavier rubbed his eyes. "Look, my back feels like someone ran over it with a dump truck. My spine is all out of whack and if I sleep on this old bed one more night I'm liable to become a paraplegic. So get the bed over here and do it by end of day. Can you do that? Because if you can't I'm going to have to find another store who can."

"No, we can do that, sir," the salesman replied. "Will there be anyone there to let the delivery men in?"

"I have to go to work. But tell me what time they'll be here and I'll make sure someone is here."

"That's just it. We have some deliveries before yours."

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Just get it here."

Xavier offered up his credit card number and all the particulars before hanging up. He might as well use some of the inheritance his aunt left him after her death. He wasn't sure he wanted to use any but he didn't make that much on a cop's salary. He'd never had to touch the money before, but he really didn't think his back would survive. With his first job of the day done, he picked up the phone again.

"Hey Marty. Are you going to be home today?" Xavier asked.

"Sorry man," Marty Samms replied. "I'm heading to Amsterdam right now. But Ali will be. What's up?"

"I'm having a delivery today and someone has to be at the house. But we both know I won't be here and I need it today."

"Are you finally getting a new bed? Because your old one is like--torture."

Xavier laughed. "Yes father, I am getting a new bed."

"All right. I'll ask Ali to come over. And don't worry, she'll make sure they set it up for you and everything. We both know they don't want to mess with her."

Xavier thanked his best friend. "Tell Ali I'll buy her dinner."

Marty laughed. "Yes, as long as it's Japanese, my sister will be all over it."

"I remember."

The shower was next, right after he flipped on the coffee maker. By the time he got out of the shower, Xavier knew he had to run if he was going to make it to the station on time.

* * * *

Xavier walked into the station house and chucked his jacket into his chair. He had no idea why he even brought it. It wasn't cold outside. For some reason he was in a horrid mood that morning and the fact he'd driven through Eros to get to Century ticked him off even more. The traffic through the small town was a nightmare. He turned on his computer and scanned the daily reports. Nothing caught his attention but there were a few warrants on his desk he and his team needed to execute for the local police. The badge he wore dug into his side but he was so used to it. He ignored it and fingered through the different warrants. He found the hardest one and stuck it to the top. He figured if they could get that one done first--it would give his team a high... motivation to go after the others.

Dragging his fingers through his hair, he walked into the break room to find two of his team members there trying to catch peanuts in their mouths by tossing them in the air first. Xavier blinked but said nothing. He walked to the coffeemaker and dumped some coffee into a cup. He took a sip, made a face and chucked the cup and its contents into the sink.

"Battery acid, huh," Mark "Muse" Dempsey chuckled.

"You coulda warned me!" Xavier muttered irritably and flopped into a nearby chair. He reached into a box on the table and pulled out a donut.

"What? And miss the look on your face?" Jackson "Salsa" Brown questioned. "You're kidding, right?"

He made a sound in the back of his throat.

"I really think you need to get laid," Muse laughed. "It's been too long and you're starting to implode."

Xavier made a face. "Pervert."

"Did you go see the Cap'n yet?" Muse asked. "He's been asking for you."

"Shit!" Xavier dropped the donut back in the box and pushed from his chair. "Just when I thought the day couldn't get worse."

"What did you do this time?" Salsa wanted to know.

"Who said I did anything? If I did, I can't remember."

Both Muse and Salsa burst out laughing and Xavier simply stormed from the room muttering a few well-placed profanities. He stopped by his desk trying to remember why he detoured and when he couldn't, Xavier made his way to the captain's office and knocked.

"Come in!" Captain Fiorelli called.

Xavier stepped into the office and closed the door behind him. Without being invited to, he tossed his body into a chair and stretched his legs out before him. The captain was still having a hushed conversation on the phone by the window, so he waited quietly but impatiently to be addressed.

"Sorry about that. Never have children," Fiorelli joked, hanging up the phone. "Or have children but give them up for adoption the moment you realize they're becoming teenagers."

Xavier laughed. "My father would agree with you. You wanted to see me?"

"Yes... There's this actor who received his first English role," Fiorelli said. "And he will be playing a SWAT officer. I would like him to shadow you."

Xavier arched a brow. He really didn't like the idea. Shifting in his seat, he held his breath only releasing it when he spoke. "I don't like this," he said. "I can't babysit some actor."

"Look, the commissioner asked this favor and I told him yes. He's just going to follow you around. The rules are simple--he doesn't go through the door with you guys, ever. He must wear a vest and keep his head down."

"That's going to make me feel better? Cap'n! It's a civilian!"

"I know. But he won't be following too long."

"How long?"

"A week."

"Oh no--that's not too long at all. When does this start?"

Fiorelli looked down at this desk to a piece of paper before him, he seemed to skim the info there before looking up at Xavier. "Tomorrow."


  1. do you know how... great it is to see my two favorite people here? My yang and my sweetheart...
    And I love so much your interraction, never get tired of it. You two are the BOMB!!!

  2. oooh...The shirt off Remmy's back, eh? Is he gonna give us a shimmy and a shake while he takes it off?

    *Sets up stripper's pole, chairs and strobe lights*

    I'll be right back. I got to get some tequila.

    1. Ooooooh...I got the limes...*cops a squat by my muse*

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  5. wow remmy we need some stripper music *wink* for when you strip off your shirt the answer to the contest question is mujhay tum say nafrat hai

    love all your books hope i win jessica

  6. Just showing some love on your page Remmy. There is no way I'll be able to read the book before the contest ends. I have too many books to proof :-(
    So just stopped by to say hello and to see some man skin..since Tinker Bell is adamant about taking your shirt off. Make her a deal, you'll take yours off if she takes hers off

    Stacia (aurore rose)

    1. oooo I like Stacia's suggestion...tinker bell?? *blinks blankly before bursting into laughter....rolls on ground holding stomach....* tinker bell!! Bwahahahahahaha!