Saturday, May 12, 2012

Into Raven McAllan's Soul and Sael...

My blog has been taken over!!! But darn...if this couple isn't freaking burning my thighs type of I'll just slink onto this chaise lounge and stretch out and purr...

I've been talking to quite a few of you humans lately. And you worry me. Why would you want to know more about your devils? Were you never told about them when you were a babe in arms? If not, well why not? It's important. I can't believe you've never been made away of the ifs, buts, and why's.

Ahh you humans are terrible. Because without us devils… Well, not to put a finer point on it, you would be screwed. And not in a good way. Not in a get stuck in and fuck me way. Oh no not like that. In a mad, bad, and sucky shit sort of way. (I've used this expression before but ah, my Livvy, she says it's the best way to explain. And I always listen to her)

You see, you all need to find your devil within. (Or, oh dear, your inner devil)

My name is Sael and I belong to Livvy. But I could belong to each and every one of you. Ha, and if you chose to comment, my Livvy says okay, she will share. Temporarily. (To be honest, I'd just nod here, If I were you, because well, she is hard, shit scary, and yes, soft and well, okay I love her to bits.)

She told me to warn you. Say to tell you to find who is inside you. See if you want to release them or squash them good and proper.

But whichever, beware. Beware and be ready. Because whoever or whatever they will be waiting!

And now she's told me to show you just what she means… Ahhh I love my Livvy….

And although she's very tight with what I tell you, she says I can give you a wee taster of our story In The Recess of Her Soul


"So, I'll begin." He beckoned to her and grinned. "Well, continue, but hey, I have to keep those words. Reminds me of my childhood. Human tales before bed. You get fairy tales; we had human ones. Now, I need you beside me. Come here."

Was that a command or a request?

"Either or, as long as you do it."

"Stop reading my mind," Livvy said indignantly.

"Stop making me," he said unrepentantly. "Or you'll have an even sorer ass. One you won't want to sit on for a week. Just do as I comm—er, ask without the arguments, verbal or not."

Livvy stared at him.

He sighed. "Livvy, accept this now, or we stop. Take it as an order, a demand, command, whatever. Just do it. Or I'll think you want your sweet ass red and glowing for me. Believe me now. I'm happy to oblige you. So?"

She smiled at him, trying to keep her face blank and her mind empty. Let him wonder.
Slowly, she stood up and walked over to where he sat. When she reached him, he pulled her down onto his lap. Livvy let him settle her, interestingly with no hard cock pressed against her, demanding entrance.

"That's for later. No, you didn't think it; I felt your wriggle." Sael murmured into her ear. "I have pledged my oath to my elders that I won't use sex to bind you. So, are you ready?"

In spite of herself, Livvy was interested. So was her body, dammit. Her pussy clenched, getting damp and hot.

"Right, so why then? That night last year of –er—"

"Hot, sweaty, and bloody good sex?" He interjected. "It happened because your body was ready. Unknown to you, you'd been sending me messages for ages. You were bored, unfulfilled, and ripe for something else. So, you were ready for me, for our beginning. Our council told me it was time for me to be in you, and show myself to you. On our very first night together, as I watched you come for me, and you watched my cum drip and spurt all over you, I knew. Our time was beginning. My chance of life was there if I could show you what we could be."Chance of life? Melodramatic or what?

"So, all these dreams I've been having?"

"Weren't dreams. They were our reality, Liv. You and me. Our chance to be. My chance to live. Each semen stain, each mine-mark represented one more step toward your acceptance of me, of us. The sticking point is I am allowed only one year to demonstrate to you what can be. Thirteen Devil moons, and then, we need to show."
"Eh?" Did he mean what she thought he meant? "Elucidate. Slowly."

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So what do you think?

 Livvy and Raven have decided a lucky commenter will find out just what happens if they comment…

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  1. Thank you so much Sael for stopping by...and Livvy and Raven - you guys rock! :)

  2. Oh Oh...
    Now that's some devils I would love to hear more about, you know?
    So...Can I enter??? lol
    Great one Raven