Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday #2

Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!

Soooo...what I'm doing here is taking a picture of my choice (scary now...huh? *giggles*) and writing a short 200 word scene to it.

That's it...*claps hands up and down* 200 words, no more and no less. Yes you can count them and keep me honest...and if I slip you can punish me too...*winks* Now you're wondering how many times I might 'accidently' slip aren't you? *chuckes*

And before this intro becomes longer than the main attraction (*gasps* shame on you all for thinking that way...oh you make me so proud! *big smiles*) Let's get on it...

I'm gonna do this back-assets this week...I'm posting my 200 then the me—this time it is better this way...*big smiles*


Sweat beaded on his forehead as he triple checked the straps. He slowly lowered his ass into the saddle, murmuring low and gentle to the bronco between his legs. Pepperjack jerked his head and huffed, probably the equivalent of fuck you. Good, the meaner and madder this beautiful beast was the better the ride. He needed this one bad. He needed the points to rocket him into first place.

He slowed his breathing in an attempt to regulate his heartbeat. Calm. That's the mentality he went for before each of his rides. He raised his right hand high and nodded his readiness.

The gate flew open and Pepperjack whipped right then spun left. He was propelled back and forth, left and right. His left wrist felt like it was dislocating itself but he refused to let go. This was it, his eight seconds until—

"Lloyd, I've told you before my name is Jack, not Pepperjack. Now come on over here and let me give you a ride you won't ever forget, and it ain't gonna be no measly eight seconds."

Lloyd smiled to himself, knowing his Pepperjack was mean and mad, primed to give Lloyd the ride of his life.

Careful antagonize your beautiful beast too much and you may get a little more than you bargained for...hehe. But guess what...I'm not the only one to do this Tantalizing Tuesday blog! No...honest I'm not! *giggles and grabs you* Get ready...get set...let's go!

Molly Synthia:


  1. Oh I loved it! You really got me going lol

  2. Okay - this one made me laugh out loud. I love it. Very fun to read this morning

  3. That was delightful. What a twist; I loved it and the belly-roll laughter it produced. Wonderful:) xo

  4. Wow! I felt like I was in the saddle in the beginning! Vivid TT and I loved the ending! :)

  5. Oh, Havan! This was fabulous. I loved the playfulness, the remarkable and vivid imagery. Great teaser!

  6. Havan, I can't stop laughing at that picture! It's perfect. And Jack's attitude is delicious. Lloyd, hang on tight! *chuckles* Super writing, by the way. :)

  7. Very funny! You pulled me right in there! Loved it!

  8. Fantastic! Funny as hell. The pic too! I just love it

  9. ROFL fantastic! Go Lloyd! Ride that Bronc! Love the pic!

  10. Thanks for the laugh sweets! I love your photo choice this week :grins:
    Excellent and vivid Flash :)

  11. Oh my god that was so fun! Great Tuesday teaser!