Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday #3

Happy Tantalizing Tuesday!

Soooo...what I'm doing here is taking a picture of my choice (scary now...huh? *giggles*) and writing a short 200 word scene to it.

That's it...*claps hands up and down* 200 words, no more and no less. Yes you can count them and keep me honest...and if I slip you can punish me too...*winks* Now you're wondering how many times I might 'accidently' slip aren't you? *chuckes*

And before this intro becomes longer than the main attraction (*gasps* shame on you all for thinking that way...oh you make me so proud! *big smiles*) Let's get on it...

This is the time in a relationship when you know you have totally lost any kind of authority...*giggles*

"Oh come on don't be like that."

"This was supposed to be our weekend together, Trevor. A romantic getaway at the beach, our alone time."

"But he's our baby." Trevor rubbed Cognac's head as he wolfed down his food. "Anyway I had to bring him."

"Yes he is. But even parents get a day away from their kids. Just one weekend I wanted with you. Your sister was all prepared to babysit for us."

"He hates Sammie's house and you know it. Besides I had to bring him."

Brice stubbornly stared in the opposite direction. "He'd have dealt with it for one night. You know he'll climb in bed with us tonight. There won't be any loving going on."

"The hell there won't be. Cognac can sleep on the other bed. Anyhow I had to bring him."

"He'll end up in our bed by morning."

"I'm sorry okay, but I had to bring—"

"I know I know, you had to bring him. I'm not mad...but why?" Brice let out a deep breath and scratched behind Cognac's ears.

Trevor ducked his head. "Because, Cognac hid the car keys again and wouldn't show me where until I promised to bring him."


Don't ever doubt the intelligence of a pupster when he doesn't like the babysitters house...hehe. But guess what...I'm not the only one to do this Tantalizing Tuesday blog! No...honest I'm not! *giggles and grabs you* Get ready...get set...let's go!


  1. Brilliant. excellently written and loved the end

  2. LOL terrific post! But don't let MJ read it! The last thing I need is her hiding my keys!

  3. *chuckles* Go Cognac! One smart dog. Sounds like Brice is going to have to get creative here. Wonder how they manage... :)

  4. This is so cute and sweet! Great teaser Havan.

  5. Ha! There is always something getting in the way! Hope Cognac sleeps in his basket for once! Fun post!

  6. Definitely a cute and sweet post. Nice job Havan!

  7. Awww! Loved the pic and your story to go with!

  8. aww loved it perfect story naughty cognac hiding the keys

  9. Fantastic TTT. Loved the picture and loved the story even more.

  10. As someone who loves my pets I loved this Teaser! Fantastic post!

  11. Great take on the picture. Loved the story it made me laugh. Great teaser

  12. Haven, this was delightful, beautifully crafted and a sure pull of the heartstrings! I do believe our pets are sometimes smarter, and wiser, than we. After all, who among us gets everything we want when we want it? Love it, loved the end:) xo

  13. What an awesome Tease and an even more awesome dog. :) I wouldn't go anywhere without my furbaby either but not sure she would go to that extreme. However she has blocked the door a time or two. I loved this and your take on the picture was great. Your words were perfect and the whole story made me smile. Thank you. :)

  14. Naughty Cognac, hiding the car keys... that made me laugh.

  15. How fun! Loved this teaser. You had me laughing.

  16. This is so cute Havan <3 Excellent flash, sweets