Saturday, July 20, 2013

Damn shiny squirrels...

Okay – so I've sent back the edits (again...*sighs*) for my 50s antho story: It's Only Make Believe...I think I've finally hit the note I want with that story.

Now I have to worry about my bad boyfriend Story Orgy story...gotta finish that up... the meantime I'm just doing some busy busy type of work...yeah me! This is a good thing because it feels like it's been forever since I've just done the little bits needing to be completed...and goofing off a smidgen while I'm doing them...

Yeah sure, I goof off a teeny tiny bit all the time – but being able to do it without feeling guilty I'm doing it...well that's kinda a win/win since those damn shiny squirrels keep getting in my way...*sighs*...I am a slave to them shiny squirrels...

Um...I meant to say something in this blog post...I mean that's why I do them right? soon as I can remember what I wanted to tell you I'll let you know?

*heads desk repeatedly* damn them shiny squirrels!

For the record...not this squirrel...oh – come on, when would I ever get to post this picture...seriously lmao!

Okay – now I need more coffee...oooooh and maybe some music...I wonder if any cookies survived last night?


  1. I know what you mean about those shiny squirrels, just the other day I..... Oh look shiny nuts

  2. Need more distraction? Here's the Nut Sac Dance for your shiny pleasure!