Monday, July 29, 2013

Just another music Monday...

I'm in a dark place right now...hence the song choice today...

Calm down – not because of any turmoil in my life or anything (yeah, my sis yells at me all the time for my lol). It's just the book I'm working leeches the good vibes from me, slightly darker than I'm used to. Not just with the situations...but one of the character's mindset is just very dismal, very "fuck everything, including you and especially me" type of thing.

Like a lot of authors – I tend to get too involved with the emotions emanating from my characters...and that influences things in my life sometimes – like my music choice.

I'll admit though...I love this song even when I'm not writing strong just seems to fit even better when I am. :)

Another series that draws out the grrrrrrr in me...
Wicked's Way – in the Pulp Friction Collection

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  1. *hugs*
    Don't get too involved in your characters! Unless it's Wick (I love the way he thinks lol)