Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WhIP Wednesday: Caution...Acting with Wick

I'm in the process of editing not one but TWO books right now...a Pulp Friction release for the 15th and a release coming up in a month or so from TEB! Excuse me while I flip my lid right now...*squeeeeeeee*

What does that mean? That I'm busy as all get out...and loving it (while driving my support system absolutely insane a bit—but in my defense if those terrific lovely hot as hell talents are friends with me they already were a bit insane *winks and big smiles*...

So a quick bit about each WIP?

It's Only Make Believe
Acting out or acting up, Dyer's whole life has been nothing but a game of make believe. When he needs his best friend's gay brother Derrick to help him land the role of a lifetime, the line between fantasy and reality doesn't just blur, it disappears altogether.

Wicked Guidance
Pulp Friction
What could possibly be better (or more annoying?) than about TWO Wicks? That's right, look out Atlanta, Wick Templeton has a mini-me and yes, he's just as smart ass and hard headed as the original. May god help us all...

Oh yeah...I went there. *winks*

Oooooh...oh oh oh oh oh...don't forget to stop by Laura Harner's blog and Lee Brazil's blog too—they've got some good stuff happening they want to share!

Read how one life shattering event seven years ago can bring six men happiness now...


  1. TWO Wicks???? Gimme, gimme, gimme :) After being 'incarcerated' I'm never going to look at another man! He is so hot!!

    So looking forward to THIS one!!

    1. Yep...I was always told two is better than one...but I might be surprising you with this one. *winks* <3 Almost time too!!! *bounces*

  2. Replies
    1. I've been told he has that effect on people...hope that is good *winks and hugs* lol