Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'll take you there and back in 500...

*waggles brows* Oh you read that right...hehe

How about a walk on the wild side with Lee Brazil and I? Yep...that's right...we are flashing again! *hip shaking* Woo Hoo!!!

This time it is 500 words—and let me tell you there was Hades to walk through to get the picture and word count down...with some chuckling at my expense I believe also...*heads desk*

But here you go and I hope you enjoy...

Directorial Debut
copyright © 2013 Havan Fellows 

Jerrick waited, hidden on the opposite side of the wall in the shadows. If any of the exiting crowd bothered to turn around maybe they'd see him, if they purposely looked for him. Otherwise the shadows were his friend tonight.

He mentally rushed everyone out, knowing that the one he waited for would be the last person to walk through the archway. Dillon liked to be the last one to leave the empty theatre, it made him feel important to be the one that locked the door.

Finally the shadows stopped marching by, and a scraping noise informed Jerrick that the door was closed and locked.

Jerrick tensed against the wall, listening to the soft step on the cobblestone ground coming closer to him. He held no false pretenses about what he attempted tonight, the sheer stupidity behind it. Dillon, though being a theatre geek, also happened to be on numerous sports teams. He was handsome, smart, built and pure teenage jack-off material one hundred percent.

At least for Jerrick he was. When Dillon started dating his sister he tried not to envision the other senior when he touched himself. To his chagrin he failed miserably.

Janie didn't run to Jerrick for much. At sixteen, she was two years younger and acted like she knew all. So when she came into his room tonight with those big blue eyes so much like his, complaining about the awful thing Dillon did...well Jerrick had to confront the man.

The long shadow moved closer. Jerrick took a deep breath, and swung out of the shadows to grab Dillon by the collar and swing him into the wall.

"What the...?" An arm easily sliced through the air, thwarting Jerrick's sneak attack. "Jerrick is that you? What the hell are you doing?"

Running and hiding wasn't an option considering he'd been made, and quite easily considering the darkness of the alley.

"You can't go around breaking girls' hearts. You should've known Janie was too young for you." Yeah! You should've gone after someone your own age, maybe someone like me...

Dillon chuckled, the noise biting into Jerrick, enraging him more. "Ass!"

At least he attempted to look ashamed and covered his mouth until he got control of himself. "I'm sorry, but I can guarantee I haven't broken any girls' hearts lately. Wanna let me in on the punchline here? What did Janie say?"

That sobered Jerrick. "Well, she really didn't say what you did. But she definitely broke up with you over it. She was insistent that I..." His voice faded and the words stilled in his mouth when he replayed the conversation with Janie in his head.

"She couldn't have broken up with me if she never dated me in the first place. Janie's only a friend helping with the stage props for the next play." He took a step closer to Jerrick. "Anyway, she knows I'm interested in someone else. Someone relatively similar to her in many ways but completely different in others."

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