Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WhIP Wednesday...WIP'g on the DL

Hard to believe that I'm working on yet another story...but every week something
happens and new things need attention.

This one is a little on the I can't talk much about it—but I suppose it isn't telling if I post a tidbit here and if you guess what the prompt is, well that isn't like I told you anything right? (like how I snuck a hint in there...hehe)

So here is my WIP for Wednesday:

Jaime scooped some more of the pulled pork from their shared platter and layered it over some garlic toast. "This is good, but my mom makes the best pulled pork there is. She has this homemade peppercorn apple cider vinegar sauce that just flat out does it for me."

And that right there was the slightly off putting thing, Donnell realized. He was on a date with Jaime, a seriously hot shaggy brown haired and bright blue eyed guy...yet he knew more about the guy's mom than he did Jaime himself. He knew her favorite actor in the movie they just watched, what her average bowling score was, that she preferred strawberries to blueberries and wouldn't touch a kiwi to save her life, and oh yeah...why she preferred Jaime not to drink soda (he was exaggerating about not being allowed to, but he didn't want to upset her). Donnell even knew her zodiac sign and that she didn't believe in zodiac signs. He suspected that was why Jaime wasn't into that stuff also.

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BTW—if you haven't checked out our Pulp Friction collection
(including the awesome T.A. Webb also) you really really should... :)

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