Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jude finally leaves home...

Monday it was my turn to entertain on the Story Orgy blog...and I kinda froze up a bit...

My head is sooooooo freaking wrapped around the read thru of Judging Jude (you've seen me post here a few times I'm trying to buff up that WIP and get it out to you all) that I had trouble putting a complete sentence together.

I've been stressed...I've been determined that this book couldn't go to my beta reader until I was perfect.

So Lee Brazil gave me a series of polite sweet awwww nudges about finishing Jude...

Then the excuses came...

1st –OMG I didn't format this properly when I initially did the Monday blog posts for Story Orgy (I was lazy in my younger days *eye roll*)

2nd – some chapters have 500wds and others are up to 3500wds...WTF?

*nudge nudge...less polite* Where's Jude?

3rd – there was a major (in my eyes *blushes*) plot crater that needed taken care of

4th – I will NOT admit to how many lazy (yep-back to that word lol) verbs I had to edit out

*nudge...swat* Jude!

5th – OMG did I come up with this timeline??? talk about jacked up!

*whip cracks...pretty sure I see pitch forks and torches headed to my door*

6th – again with the word "was" – I am was's bey-atch

*battering ram banging on front door*


um...that was me yelling at myself, btw, not at Lee...his parts might have been slightly *cough cough* extremely *cough cough* exaggerated...but unfortunately mine weren't...*hides*

I finally realized I'd never be ready to let Jude out of my sight—not even to the person who knows my writing better than most everyone else and has read everything I've written.

So I saved and closed the word document...and posted it for him to have. It killed me to click that take a step back from my unedited book...but I had to let go.

What's my point? No point at all...I just needed to type this down and read it for myself. Maybe I can avoid lost time and extra heartache when I have my next WIP ready to see its way into Lee's very capable hands. *lopsided smile*

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  1. Be brave it will all work our for the best and you know Lee will take good care of Jude for you. By the way just want to let you know I absolutely adore Wick Templeton, he is awesomely wicked.