Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WhIP late than never?

***Okay technically this is my WhIP Wednesday post...but I kinda just realized I forgot to hit the publish button on my blog and it never posted *heads desk*. So to help me save a little bit of face can we all pretend for the few minutes that it takes to read this that it is Wednesday? Oh and hey Happy Hump Day All! *slinks away blushing*

Happy Hump Day!
I'm working hard on the 5th Wick book—tentatively titled Wicked Truths—and think it's going along fairly well *big smiles*.

Talk about being happy with how it's going for Wick...he's gotten some great reviews and some serious love from the bestest readers around! <3

Here's a little teaser for you and a short remember this is unedited...unbeta'd...unrevised...this is completely raw (so cut me some slack for any oopsies you

Hope you enjoy! *hugs and smiles*

copyright c. 2013 Havan Fellows

A man from Wick’s past knows Ned’s secrets and is after their future...wicked truths are coming.

Only one person could've installed a landline he didn't know about and fuck with his electricity.
He stood and grabbed the phone. Finding the green on button he jabbed it with his finger and growled, "Banyu. What the fuck is your problem?"
"Do you know how many rings I waited before tapping into your lighting system?"
"Okay, you do know. Who lets their phone ring thirty-eight times and doesn't answer it?"
"Who installs a phone into my house without my permission? Why didn't you just call my cell?"
"It's dead."
"Huh?" Wick unsnapped the carrying case on his belt and slid the phone out. He skimmed his thumb over the face but nothing happened. He tried a few more times, harder, still to no avail. "Would you look at that, the phone ain't working. Guess I forgot to charge it." He chuckled to himself and headed to his desk to dock the cell.
"Glad you find this amusing. I've been trying to get in touch with you for over an hour. Finally I got the signal that you entered your house but won't even answer the landline either. Where is your headset anyway?"
"What the fuck is your problem today? I forgot the headset okay. I rushed out this morning and oops, my bad."
"There is something wrong with Ned. He couldn't get you so he called me on the throw away I used to text him what was it? Five months ago? No wait four I think—"
"Banyu focus!" Damn Banyu better be glad that no one ever invented a way of reaching through a phone to throttle someone.
"Well I never threw it away."
Wick waited for a full second before he growled into the phone. "And?"
"I couldn't understand him. Wick, he was breathing heavy and babbling incoherently. I've managed to track his pho—"
"Where?" Wick rushed into the warehouse and down the stairs. At the last minute he remembered he didn't have his keys on him anymore, so he ran to the wall and his spare sets.
"Sent the directions to your phone."
"Oh that's good. Would that be to the phone that is fucking dead on its charger?"


  1. OMG I can't wait for more of my assy sassy Wick and his match Ned.

  2. OMG I can't get enough of my assy sassy Wick and his match Ned.