Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just a hand...

Lee Brazil and I are at it again...500 words and one hot assets picture...hope you enjoy! *winks*

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"My God would you look at him, Mark!" Denise's elbow dug into my ribs. "Look at those tats, how big those hands are..." she muffled her squeal, "and the piercings! I can count five from here alone. You know he's a bad ass."

"Naw, he's a teddy bear." I answered, roving my eyes from the biker boots with chains on them up denim encased thick thighs and over the white tank with the flannel shirt flapping open.

"No way. He's the type that has an ounce of something illegal hidden on him. He's nothing but trouble." Sarah, Denise's bestie, growled from her spot as they sat on the top of the picnic table.

"Oh please, Sarah." Denise slapped at her.

I let them fight out the pros and cons of judging a book by its cover as I made contact with the gorgeous man walking our way.

He raised one of those big hands and ran it through his tousled sandy brown hair, the ink on his arm showing a muted colored scene of flowers and vines. I couldn't break my gaze away as that hand fell back down by his side.

That palm, slightly calloused from hard work, slid over my ass, grabbing my hip and pulling me forward. It then circled my dick and stroked me. The toughened skin dragged up and down my shaft made me moan as he upped the rhythm. When I looked at him, into the bluest eyes ever, they shone with happiness. His mouth quirked with a smile right before he wrapped those plush lips around the head of my cock and sucked me in deep.

"Fuck!" I mumbled, trying to figure out if the pressure from the sucking forced me to snap my hips—or was it the feel of his tongue probing into my slit, wiggling back and forth as he forced it in farther.

"Mmm..." He drew back to answer my exclamation. "Soon."

His hand tightened around me as he slowed his jacking movements so he could nip and suckle the underside of my dick. He worked all the way down to the base then popped one of my balls into his mouth, laving it with his tongue. He leisurely switched to the other ball, making sure that every inch of me was drenched in his saliva.

"Dude, you're drooling." Denise again nudged me with her pointy elbow.

I shook my head and willed my erection down. "Huh?" I couldn't quite translate to my brain what she'd whispered.

She nodded her head. "Hottie's heading this way, Sarah's being a bitch and you're daydreaming about something damn good. Hey, didn't you say you couldn't hang today? You had plans?"

"I do."

"Well what are they?"

I pointed to Denise's hottie, who raised that memory-inducing hand and smiled.

He crowded against me, not caring who looked on, and lowered his mouth to mine, claiming me with a kiss meant for the bedroom.

"Fuck." I mumbled when he pulled away.

He grinned. "Soon."


  1. Whew! Still fanning myself!Great story!

  2. That sounds like MORE please.

  3. Love it! You did so much with just 500 words! I'm off to take that challenge myself!

  4. Love it! Wow, you did so much with just 500 words, great job!