Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WHiP Wednesday...The Sanctuary bug is lurking...'s Wednesday and I should be finishing up a couple of projects...but a certain series is now coming back into my head and lurking about, not wanting to give me any rest.

I'm blaming Jude on this. Even though I hee'd and haw'd about giving Jude to Lee for a beta kinda felt real good afterwards.

Oh yeah...real now Sanctuary wants a chance in the spotlight...*heads desk*

All I can say is there should be a law on how many WIPs an author works on at once...lmao

Here is the perfect cover for Hidden Needs that I've been waiting so long to use...and hopefully will soon! *winks*


  1. Oh so you listen when I talk!!! lol
    It's about time! that's one of my favorite series!

  2. Well you know...when my yin talks normally I start to fantasize but I listen too *winks*

    Wish me luck, this won't be an easy

  3. I could! Wish you luck that is. But you don't really need it. You're THAT talented :)