Monday, August 12, 2013

Just another Music Monday...

So, I was beta reading and made a comment on the side about a song they mentioned in the book. Just a simple little comment about a blog opportunity when they start promo'ing—blogging the song and how it worked with that part of the book.

(*blushes* yeah, I'm a good beta reader like that...well in my mind at least *winks*)

But that got me to thinking...songs really do help move a book along sometimes – whether they are ever mentioned in the book or not.

One that pops into my head immediately...Wish Me Nothing, my first book in the Djin series. I must have listened to Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride like a gazillion (or probably a couple dozen at least lol) times while I wrote that book.

Not because the song mirrors the book or anything (though with this song interpretation is completely open...lmao)

Oh...and if you want to share my magic carpet ride with is actually on sale at Breathless Press for 40% off right now...yep—only $1.79 to join me...come on...whatcha waiting for?

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