Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words gets a little Wicked...twice

Wicked Solutions and Wicked Bindings had the awesome fortune to be reviewed by Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words last week!

(to see the full review just click on the book title *winks*)

... Here is a man in pure pulp fiction form and we love him for it.  Wick is smart, crafty, and dominant in every way.  Oh, and have I said sexy?  He is that too.  Wick has more layers to him than a puff pastry....

...Havan Fellows has created two wonderful characters in Wick Templeton and Ned Harris.  These men ooze vitality and sex appeal.  They are witty with a love a gamesmanship that they deploy at every possible moment and the reader gets to come along and experience the fun and sometimes terror...

I'm completely freaking riding cloud nine right now...thank you Melanie and Scattered Thoughts for the great reviews! <3

Here are all the Pulp Friction books...including my Wicked's Way series...
you're bound to get caught up in them *winks*

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