Friday, March 8, 2013

A nibble of Wick for Friday...

Hooray for Friday! *shakes it to the west and bumps it to the east*

So this weekend I'm a busy busy little bee...lots of RL (real life) crap getting tossed into the mix...silly silly RL...don't you know weekends are meant for my writing? *sticks out tongue*

And on the writing front...trying to finish up Wicked Bindings (Pulp Friction Wicked Solutions #2—how's that for a mouthful...and no comment lmao) in time for the 15th so it can be live and waiting for you...and yes...I already have a few fave lines from this bad boy...I'll share one of them with you *winks*

Wick never got tired of being right, he just wished he was wrong once in a while.

Wick definitely is a challenge for me to write...his 'stories' aren't the normal—and they aren't romance, even if there is a high amount of sexual tension between him and Ned...*sighs*

But you know...Wick is a guilty pleasure for me...I can toss down the gloves and just let it all come out—oh my, maybe I should be wary of how I phrase that in the company I keep...lmao. Seriously though, these characters have the potential to be great and memorable...and eventually...I can hint...that maybe...the possibility is there that...perchance there will be an ending that might have 'happy' in the labeling...*winks*

But nothing is written in stone...hehe

So for now I bid you adieu with a wink and a sip of coffee...and once again, shake that money's Friday!!!

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