Sunday, March 10, 2013

Don't Miss This...Handyman

Sooooooooooooo...Sunday again, which means I get to participate in the karma ring...Don't Miss This. I freaking love doing these because it's great to get away from self-promotion once in a while and enjoy other people's hard works of art. *winks* I mean after all...every good author is a great my opinion...hehe

The rules for Don't Miss This are simple: post a link with a snippet of a book, blog, new release, award...frankly anything really—as long as it is NOT ABOUT YOU. Include whatever you liked in your post: why you liked it, favorite character, great cover...anything and everything goes. *winks* Can you tell we aren't big on major rules?

Then on Facebook you tag at least three others to share their Don't Miss This posts...and you post on your wall and the Don't Miss This wall also! *big smiles*

Today I'm paying homage to an old let's to hitch a ride on the time machine and throw me back to one of the first M/M novels I read and absolutely adored! I love lots of books for many different reasons...but something about a first timer, a generation gap and men who are strong of mind and body...oh boy—yep that hits the mark. I freaking love Claire Thompson and am positive she will pop up on my Don't Miss This posts frequently...she just writes characters that I fall in love with...Jack is amazing in this, you feel for him and instantly want to really get to know him *winks* and Will...well he took longer to break through my shields—but he did and by the end I was *sighs* yeah...If you try this one out don't forget to hunt down her follow-up—Be My Handyman—it is just a quickie nibble (nothing wrong with that...hehe) that reminds you why you loved these boys in the first place!

Enjoy <3

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