Saturday, March 30, 2013

May I Tweak Your...Ear?

Okay so I’ve got a question...

Question Mark by Bushlemon
I’m finishing my antho short story this weekend...oh yeah, at least 6k coherent (that darn word just has to be a part of this words in less than two days...*heads desk* Certain lovelies in my life think I can do this...I think I’ve got them all fooled, but dude, I’m gonna give it a go...lmao

Wait...I had a reason behind this post...darn those squirrels for getting in my vision...

Oh yeah...question.

And yes this does have to do with the story I’m finishing right you are reading this...I am writing this very moment...oh and that moment too...hehe


What are your thoughts on a short story with an open for interpretation ending?

Yep—I already have the ending planned...but I was wondering what readers would think about I can’t tell you the ending...but I can ask you this question and get some ideas...if you don’t mind answering it...I’m not saying things won’t be concluded in the story—they will...but some things...well...

Okay...since I shouldn’t be writing a blog post right now...I should be writing on the short story in question...I’ll wrap this up—but I look forward to your thoughts, you can leave them here in comments if you don’t mind...or you can email me *big smiles* at havan<dot>fellows<at>ymail<dot>com (darn those spammers and

And thank you *hugs*

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  1. sounds intriguing. I for one do not require a HEA. I like stories with different endings.

    1. Hey Cathy :) *hugs*
      I'm thinking it will have an ending that qualifies as HFN (happy for now) at the very least...but one main factor of the story will not be answered because it will be proven that it really isn't a main OMG it is hard to explain without giving away deets - and if I do that certain people will be knocking on my door...lmao
      Thanks for your comment! *hugs more*

  2. If it is to be the beginning of a series or a prequel to a larger story an uncertain ending is OK. If it is a one-off, "meh", not so much. I will withhold final judgement until after I read it.

    1. And there is another question - stand alone or
      You'll have to let me know after you read it if I have to write a sequel or not...*winks*. Thanks, Nancy, for lending your ear. :)