Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wicked Seconds...

Wick never got tired of being right, he just wished he was wrong once in a while.

Have you met Wick Templeton yet?
Doesn't he sound like a peach?

Let me tell you a few things about him:
 He doesn't play by the rules, not even his own.
He doesn't lie and play games, not without reason.
He doesn't care about others, not that he'll admit.
He does push the lines when someone's in need.
He does get results for those who can't.
He does make sure the good guy finishes first.

 If you haven't met him, here's your chance.
*big smiles*

His 2nd book in the Pulp Friction line...
Wicked Bindings coming out on Friday

so I'm offering his 1st book...
Wicked Solutions 1/2 off @ All Romance e-books and Barnes & Noble until March 16th, Saturday night.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know Wick...because no matter how much of an ass he is—and yeah, he really is—you can't deny he gets things done.

 Just remember...
Sometimes the only way for justice to prevail is to get a little Wicked...

Havan's newest releases:
~Harlan's Ryde – Ryder made a mistake Harlan can't forgive. Will Ryder cross a line no man should cross to obtain a second chance? Available at ARe, Amazon & B&N
~Wicked Solutions – Sometimes the only way for justice to prevail is to get a little Wicked... Available at ARe, Amazon & B&N
~Change of Dynamics – This is a whispery 3000 word short breath of sweet air that will have you smiling and reaching for a little sugar of your own... Available at ARe, Amazon & B&N
~Wish Me Nothing – Finding out genies exist...bad. Finding out your boyfriend of over a year is a Djin, and wanted by other Djins...worse. Available at ARe & Amazon

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