Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello Monday...may I go back to sleep now?

It’s Monday...I’ve got coffee in my hand and am ready to take on the world...or at least a five mile radius from where I’m, if I don’t fall asleep first.

Just wishing all of you a better Monday than I know I’m gonna have (co-worker on vacay, which means more work for me...yay).

But when I get home—I get to hit the keys hard because I got almost 2k words written last night and with a little bit of help, got over a bump in the road I was dealing with.

Want a little peek of the fun I had last night? *looks both ways and leans in close* Okay...but just a little telling on me this time either...

     “Where is he? He said yes, right? You were there, he did say yes.”
     “Right after he called you a moron, dimwit, fucker, brainless twerp, twit with no morals, asshat and brainless twerp...yes he did say yes.” Harry ticked each insult off on his fingers.
     “You said brainless twerp twice.” He sneered at his best friend.
     “So did he, and it’s my favorite. I think it epitomizes you nicely.”

Lots of smiles today—cuz when you smile you can’t help but be just a bit happier, a bit more cheerful...*winks*

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