Saturday, March 16, 2013

Because He's Lee Brazil & You're You...

Sooooo...I'm hanging with one of my favorite people...the multi-talented and quite hunky hunky Lee Brazil, author of the best selling series Truth or Dare among other things.

I hunted Lee down to come answer three questions (yep...only three...but wait until you read these questions before you judge me...hehe).

Now why did I stalk Lee to answer only three questions? Because Lee is doing something freaking AWESOME for readers...Because You're You is on sale at Amazon for FREE!!! I know *eyes bug out* at that price I want multiples! Wait...that just may be in the book...hehe

Now, I've read Because You're You multiple times (oh be quiet...we all know I use that word as often as possible...*sticks out tongue*)...and every time I do I always come away with these three questions that I'd love to have the nerve to ask the author...but I'm shy...*bats lashes and blushes*...oh just go with it...jeez.

So hello Lee, how are you doing? And no—that isn't one of the questions...but yes please answer

I'm fine, swilling coffee and listening to some Petty, just getting mellow.

That's look all kinds of good and yummy, by the way *licks lips*
So in Because You're You...we meet Devyn, who is tattooed and pierced and...and...*dabs at sweat forming on brow*...and a bad boy. Tell me Lee, do you like bad boys? Are you a bad boy?

I've a great deal of fondness for bad boys, but no. I'm more of a quiet type.

Now it's no secret that you have a high opinion of kissing. You happen to write some of the best kisses I've ever read—so filled with emotion and heat that sometimes I feel like that kiss was the *fans face* oh-so-yummy tell us what is your favorite physical part of a kiss? Your favorite emotional part of a kiss? How do you make your kiss scenes so darn heat inflamed? I mean come on, you can't get this type of heat from a Tabasco bottle!

The very first touch of tongue to lip, the teasing…the way a kiss slowly builds, these are a few of my favorite things. I try to put what each kiss means onto the page, is it simple passion? No. There is nothing as complicated as a simple kiss.

There are two words that can describe one of Sully's best qualities (because he definitely has more than one best...hehe) Oral Fixation...*closes eyes and shivers* uh uh uh...there is no escaping this knew it was...coming. *raises eyebrow and smirks* So, tell us your thoughts about oral you share any with Sully?

*frowns* Sully's oral fixation probably stems from some sort of insecurity left-over form childhood. For myself, I'd have to admit that yes, I think that goes right along with kissing.

*spreads arms and bows to guests* And there you have it...three simple questions answered by the brilliant and handsome Lee Brazil...

So head on over and get this bad boy while it is free...even if you don't have a kindle you can still snag it and read it off of your computer—there is no reason for you not to be enjoying Lee Brazil's talents right now! *winks*

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