Sunday, March 3, 2013

Don't Miss This...Something Different

Sooooooooo...I was tagged in a Don't Miss This karma ring...I love doing these on Sunday's because it is great to get away from the self-promotion once in a while and enjoy other people's hard works of art *winks*

The rules for Don't Miss This are simple:  post a link with a snippet of a book, blog, new release, award...really anything—as long as it is NOT ABOUT YOU. Include whatever you like in your post: why you liked it, favorite character, great cover...anything and everything goes...*winks* can you tell we aren't big on major rules? hehe

Then on facebook you tag at least three other people to share their Don't Miss This posts...and you post on your wall and the Don't Miss This wall *big smiles*

So today I chose Something Different...This book takes a subject I'm usually squeamish about and deals with it in a way that worked for me. To say Something Different has great re-read value is putting it mildly since I've read it at least 4-5 times

I highly recommend Something Different if you are looking for an M/M read that will tear at your heart and make you smile...and leave you totally fulfilled. *big smiles*


Oh and by the way...I actually did a virgin interview with S.A. Reid about Something should soooooooooo take a peek *winks* hehe

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